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What is Christianity?

An Introduction to our Website

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Welcome to our website and channel. Here you will find information on the Bible and history which is imperative for Christians to know, but for the most part is not widely taught or understood. You may think that you know Christianity, because you have inherited doctrines from certain sects, but the truth is that Apostolic Christianity has not been taught for over 1800 years. The faith as we know it, the Way inherited and taught by the apostles; was shoved out of the way for a new creed more palpable to a universalist Roman Empire. From the earliest times Judaizers plagued the apostles with their hands clung to rituals, seeking to use rituals for power over men.

These Judaizers, these people-conquerors, won out in the end, as the Roman priests changed their garments for a new and better professional priesthood. But how grateful we are to have the apostle’s words surviving for us as a vanguard of the Truth, standing to this day despite being abused. And for how long have they been abused! Neither are Protestants guiltless, for many of the doctrines founded by the Papal church were then inherited by the splintered so-called churches which followed. None of these concepts, whether they be works-based salvation or the concept of “spiritual” Israel as opposed to national Israel, are in any way indicative of Biblical truths. None.

Paul wrote to Timothy, saying:

Now the Spirit specifically states that in the latter times some will withdraw from the faith, cleaving to wandering spirits and teachings of demons, speaking lies in hypocrisy, their own consciences having been branded with iron, forbidding to marry, to abstain from foods, things which Yahweh has established for participation with gratitude for those with faith and knowledge of the truth.

This is from Paul’s epistle to Timothy. Elsewhere, in writings to Timothy and also in other diverse places, Paul wrote that our faith is built on the pragmatic promises and prophecies of Scripture. This is our sole foundation: if any man teaches something built on any other ground then they teach falsehoods, and the promises of God will still stand. Let God be true and every man a liar. Who seeks after a God who breaks His promises, a God who forsakes His covenants, and abandons His Word? Who seeks after such a god? Rather our God, the God of our ancestors, of Abraham, Issac and Jacob: He keeps His covenants, as He is a firm anchor on the soul, yesterday, today and forever, as He said to an adulterous Judah in Malachi, “I change not, so you Sons of Jacob are not consumed.” Therefore, the New Covenantconfirmed the promises made to the fathers”.

We should test the Word in the same spirit as the men of Berea did before us, and together solidify that we indeed do stand on a firm foundation, and not upon the disputations and sophistries of vanity.

So, what is Christianity? If it’s not Catholicism or Protestantism or any other organized sect? If Apostolic Christianity has not been taught for 1800 years, then what is it? Is it some branched off religion from an ancient faith for Jews? What if I told you the Old Testament wasn’t written by or for Jews? The ambassadors knew this! We should too! Or do we make Paul a liar, who knew frankly that not all those from Israel are of Israel. The history of Judea under the Hasmonean dynasty is an important one, but woe to us that this is not taught! And where are the tribes of Israel? Why were so many promises made to them by God only for them to disappear off the face of the Earth?

What if I told you they didn’t? For God’s promises are neither riddles nor are they cloaks!

Was James mad when he wrote to the dispersed? Did Paul speak with esoteric codes, babbling on with nonsense despite preaching the necessity for plain and easy to understand language? Should we not believe the apostles? Should we not believe the promises of God? Who are we to do anything but? God’s promises are true!

As Josephus said, the lost tribes dwelt across the Euphrates in great number. As Paul testified on their behalf, he was indeed in chains for their accomplished hope. As James wrote to the dispersed, they must not be adulterous to their Husband. Israel was divorced in her sin, but later remarried to God in accordance with the prophecy of Hosea. Peter exclaimed this in his epistle! What good news! And Paul taught likewise, illustrating that the wife was redeemed through the death of the Husband. The Husband being God incarnate as Christ, which is why He was professed as the bridegroom.

Therefore, as God promised our ancestors that they would not perish, and would instead be scattered to Tarshish, Pul, Lud and other places: so they went. And in this wilderness for a future reconciliation, which we then saw fulfilled in the Gospel’s spread through Europe. Who is it that argues with God? Who is he who makes His covenants common? But in Isaac shall your seed be beautiful is a God who keeps His promises!

Christianity is not a division of anything, it is not a splintered group or separate branch. The Old and New Testaments are firmly interlocked books, they are one story, one promise, and one fulfillment.

What story? What promises? What fulfillment?

The story of one man chosen out of a wider race to preserve God’s plans for the Adamic society. Promises made to this one man Abraham were simple but profound, that his seed would become many nations and kings, despite his withered age, becoming a firm anchor on the soul assured by the fact that God’s will is immutable and that He cannot lie. These promises were kept. God swore by Himself. He had nothing greater to swear by. Many nations did not become Abraham’s seed, for God is not a trickster who hypocritically relies on adultery and deceit to fulfill His objectives. God is not a lawyer. Rather, Abraham’s seed became many nations, just as he was promised.

History, prophecy, and scripture do indeed show us that God does not lie.

Our endeavour here, as a joint partnership of multiple Bible teachers, is to teach the very things that the Apostles taught. A Gospel of reconciliation, a redemption for the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel, “to be saved from our enemies and the hands of all those who hate us”.

You’ve never heard this before. But it is time for you to hear it now. The first Elijah spoke the truth in a time when only 7000 other souls were on his lonely side. The second Elijah preached the coming of the Christ in a time of great political turmoil. Indeed, in that spirit we now preach the identity of Israel in a time of great deception, urging the sons to turn their hearts to their ancestral fathers. This is indeed the Identity message, which we hope to aid and be a part of. Blindness is a part of our punishment, and awakening paves the way for our King.

There are several introductory programs you can uncover, such as TruthVid’s “100 Proofs the Israelites were White series”, a video anthology coupled by accompanying podcasts. Lion of Patmos has quite a few introductory videos as well. Blood and Creed works on quality audiobook presentations.

This is the very milk of the Gospel: that God made a covenant with a people, that He died to reconcile those who were under that Covenant, a Husband dying to release the Wife from the penalty of the Law. God isn’t unfaithful even when men are, and He doesn’t turn His back on His promises even when men do. God showed us on the cross that He would rather die than fall back on His Word. Christ sacrificed Himself so that the promises to Abraham would be maintained. Contrary to common belief, Christianity is not a religion. It is the account of a marriage relationship between God and a peculiar people, whom He had selected from the loins of Isaac. This is the woman of the Old Testament. This is the woman of the Revelation. This is you.

If there ever was a time to uncover the truth of your identity, it would be now. Biblical prophecy has largely been fulfilled, and there is only a small portion left. With only so much time left, it is time for us to work together in the inevitable fulfillment of the final chapter of Biblical prophecy. An awakened people can indeed prepare the way for their King, and in this the hearts of the sons are rendered to the fathers. Take off your blindfold, and realize who you are.

The Identity Message IS identifying the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel, those who wandered astray over the mountains, lost in dispersion, made many nations, punished with blindness, and then reconciled to their Husband, crying out in one voice Abba.

The Identity Message IS a promise of salvation to all the seed of Israel! Regardless of works, no man can be plucked from the hand of the Father, who created His people to be an everlasting people. Did God create Jacob in vain? He told us that He did not, He made the Earth to be inhabited. As it was spoken out in our Redeemer’s name, “Yahweh Saves”, and such was achieved, with everlasting glory, for all of Israel, made Alive without exception to stature or works.

The Identity Message is NOT a religion of fear, where each moment is spent in anxiety under the precepts of vain men who lord over our faith with brittle rods. We fear God and not men. We fear judgement and punishment in this life, and a lack of rewards in the life to come hereafter. But none of us fear a Roman Hades, for we believe the Word of God that all of Israel is saved and that death is swallowed up in victory. Therefore the fear which sects have used to control men washes over us, and we don’t live in anxiety over any misspoken word which sends for a superstitious Bishop to vainly condemn an unsuspecting soul to hell. Death was nullified under Christ, and Hades is indeed thrown into the Lake of Fire.

The Identity Message is Apostolic Christianity. The only valid interpretation of scripture. The Identity Message believes the words of the Law and Prophets. The Identity Message believes in the Covenants of God. The Identity Message believes in the immutable words of Christ and His apostles. The Identity Message is Identification, Promise, and Fulfillment. The Identity Message trusts in God. Answering out to Yahweh’s call crying “I’m here”, and He replies “they are My people!” and we say “He is our God!”

These are tenets we believe and hope that all can agree upon:

  1. We accept the veracity of Scripture as God-inspired, interpreted not through any canonical traditions instituted by men, but through investigating the prophetic insight by which scripture either proves or denies itself.


  2. We acknowledge that there is one God: Yahweh, and that no other god has ever existed before Him, nor will any come after.


  3. We accept Christ as our Messiah, our sole King, and our God: we denounce trinity doctrine, understanding Christ as a manifestation of Yahweh God, the I AM, just as was promised in the prophets. Yahweh God is able to manifest His presence in many ways, such as a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night.


  4. We acknowledge the scriptural veracity that the children of Israel were deported and the Scythian, Kimmerian, and related tribes became the foundation of which the Germanic tribes were rooted. The know that the children of Israel found in the European peoples of today.


    4.1 In light of these truths, we acknowledge Yahweh’s will for Israel to be a separate people, and we accept the scriptural truth that not all men descend from Adam.


  5. We denounce the myth of universalism or “spiritual Israel”: instead believing the Word of God’s transparently exclusive message for national Israel. We believe that the New Covenant was solely prepared for and fulfilled in the reconciliation of the scattered tribes of Israel. We deny and oppose any who try to make the covenants of God common to those who exist outside of His promises made to Abraham.


  6. We denounce the ways of the Nicolaitans (people conquerors), Judaizers, Gnostics, and refuse any and all rituals of men.

    6.1 We accept the structure of assemblies to be made out of peers and elders, not rulers or “substitutions” for Christ. We deny any who seek to lord over their brethren.

    6.2 We understand Christ to be the last prophet, and we reject any who claim to have any God-given insight into the future.

  1. We deny the pagan myth of a Christian hell, and believe that all of Israel is saved in accordance with the promises made to the fathers.


  2. We denounce the existence of a supernatural Satan, and we interpret the plain adversarial title as indicative of God’s enemies on Earth, as well as to anyone adversarial against God’s will in any given moment.


  3. We acknowledge and await the earthly Kingdom for Adamic people described by Christ and the prophets, an eternal Kingdom with rewards based on works. We believe all men from Adam to be resurrected into this kingdom, where they will be judged.

    9.1 We accept Christ as our sole kudge, and follow the admonitions for unrepentant sinners to be expelled from our communities until the coming day.


  4. We acknowledge the historicity of prophecy and believe in its active role, just as our ancestors did. Understanding most of prophecy to already be fulfilled, we denounce the sinister Roman Catholic deceptions of futurism and preterism.


  5. We also denounce all peculiar doctrines founded by men, such as the idea of a rapture, or a singular Antichrist.

    11.1 We similarly reject any claims of a perfect translation of our Bibles, and treat all translations with an equal level of criticism and objectivity. We believe Christians have a responsibility to make diligent study in the same spirit of the men of Berea.


  6. We acknowledge that all the Laws of God (outside of the Levitical rites fulfilled in Christ) still stand: this includes but is not limited to: the dietary laws, the admonitions against Pharmaceutical drugs, the sins of sodomy and fornication, and also the commandment to be a separate people.

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