Are Europeans the Gentiles or the Israelites?

This is an Audiobook of an Essay written by Clifton Emahiser entitled “Misapplication of the biblical term ‘Gentile’

We are about to examine how the Latin word “gentile” was introduced into our present Bibles. Yes, “gentile” is a Latin word, but no Bible writer ever used the term as there is no such word in Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek.

Today, the Latin term “gentile” has become so corrupted that it no longer denotes its original meaning. What is even worse, hardly any Biblical lexicon, dictionary or commentary helps to clear up the confusion concerning the use of the word.

• The term “gentile” cannot be found in any ancient Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek Biblical manuscripts!

• The term “gentile” is a Latin word, and in the Late Latin period (150-700 A.D.) it was first used to in the Latin Vulgate by Jerome, and meant “of the same clan or race”!

• Later, during the Middle English period (1150-1475 A.D.), the Latin term “gentile” was changed from an adjective to a noun with a capital “G”, and the meaning was perverted to mean something else, which it never had before!

Why is it that we, as a people, do not understand these things today? The answer is, we do not know who we are! It has been hidden from us! (Psalm 83:2-3)

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