Please consider donating to support our work. If you found the 100 Proofs the Israelites Were White videos helpful and believe it will aid our people, why not support the project? It is my ambition to branch out and also make the 100 Proofs project into a book. As well as to continue update the project with better higher quality videos. With donations I can devote more time to this project and additionally commission artwork to up the quality of both the videos and books.

How can you donate? I’ve setup some Crypto Currency accounts which you can donate to.

We can accept donations sent to this NEW Bitcoin wallet identifier: bc1qkgq20ug7t3874aqcx6wlfznutuu7q5lvp54rd9

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Thank you so much for any support. Praise Yahweh and I pray this website and all it’s work have helped you come to the truth.

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