Where Did The Lost Tribes Of Israel Go? - To Europe!


This is a remake one of one of my first ever videos, made back in 2019. Here is a link. It has over 100k views on YouTube. There were some flaws and overall there was a lot of room to improve the video. So now 4 years later here it is. I decided this time to first make it shorts, splitting the video into parts doing them one at a time. Eventually I will compile the shorts into one video, tweaking it and making some final edits.

One of the biggest mysteries of the Bible, is what on earth happened to the 10 Lost Tribes? Where did they go? Why can’t we find them? Did they just disappear and vanish never to be seen again. Well modern archeology and history can tell you all about the ancient civilizations and even those that existed around the lost tribes. The Romans, The Greeks, The Persians, The Assyrians, the Babylonians but not those lost tribes. Could there be a conspiracy? An effort to cover up, to the hide the truth of the true identity of those of the lost tribes. The truth is the Lost Tribes were never lost, they simply went to Europe and became the Europeans. They became the Christian people, because the Apostles sought out the Lost Tribes in Europe, since that is who Christianity was intended for. We are descended from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The Bible is our history and the next shorts will proof this without a doubt.

How the Lost Tribes went to Europe

The Danaan Greeks

The Trojans

The Phoenicians

The Dorian Greeks

European Place Names

The Romans

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