100 Proofs The Israelites Were White Parts 91-100

91) What we can Learn from the Greek Septuagint


When translating the Old Testament scriptures, there are generally two primary sources, those being the Masoretic Hebrew texts and the Greek Septuagint texts. What would shock most people is the Hebrew texts are only about thousands years old, whilst the Greek manuscripts and even the Latin vulgate translations of the Old Testament are far older than the Hebrew Masoretic. This creates a strange predicament. Which of these are more reliable, the manuscripts written in Hebrew or the far older ones in Greek? Furthermore have there been any deliberate corruptions of these texts, or the translations to alter our Bible? But first we should explain how we ended up with ancient manuscripts in different languages.


Originally Moses, the prophets and scribes wrote their prophecies and texts in Hebrew. However with the Assyrian deportations, the Israelite kingdom was broken, and then about a century later with the Babylonian deportations, the Israelites who returned to Judea to rebuild, were continuously subject to the various world Empires. This meant other languages would have a great influence on them. Therefore we should note that we do see a Aramaic or Syrian language influence in some of the later texts of the Old Testament, such as the book of Daniel, who was in Babylon when writing his prophecies. Aramaic was the lingua de franca of the Babylon Empire and remained so even during the Persian Empire. However, later by the time of Alexander the Great, the lingua de franca changed to Greek. Or at the very least through out Judea. This fact is enormously downplayed by modern so called “historians” as a European language dominating the East by the time of Christ does not fit their agenda. They instead insist that Christ and the Apostles spoke Aramaic.


After Alexander died, his great Eastern Empire was cut up and divided amongst his generals. Ptolemy came to rule over Egypt. His son Ptolemy II requested that the laws of the Judeans be translated into Greek as he was interested in them. His request was granted and as the story goes, seventy two Israelites from Judea came and translated the scriptures into Greek. Although strangely this translation became known as the Septuagint which means “translation of the seventy,” and not seventy two. These translations were made around the 3rd century BC. Which by our times, makes them quite ancient. It’s important to understand, these were Israelites, our ancestors translating their scriptures. Not random foreigners, having a go at copying the Bible. So these translations are genuine.


Over the centuries as more and more copies were made, these manuscripts spread out through Europe. By our time there are thousands upon thousands of manuscripts. The manuscripts were gathered together to form codices, and complete Bibles. However some codices were based on previous codices. Since there is always the chance of codices picking up mistakes, intentionally or unintentionally. For the purpose of forming the most accurate translations of the Old Testament into English, logically one would want to seek out the oldest possible codices and even individual manuscripts if possible. 

As for the Masoretic, with Christ’s ministry. Many of the real Judeans lost their identity and became Christians, being absorbed amongst the rest of the Israelites in Europe. As for the race of Cain, they never accepted Christianity and with Jerusalem being destroyed they began to also be dispersed, however there maintained their false identity. Surprisingly they also maintained copies of the Old Testament, but in Hebrew. Since only they could still speak Hebrew. This immediately would setup them up as gatekeepers and perceived authorities on Hebrew and even the Old Testament. All Hebrew manuscripts were gathered so that only one Hebrew canon would remain, which they would have control over.

However since there masses of Greek Septuagint manuscripts and codices of the Old Testament, they couldn’t just start changing the Old Testament as they would be caught out. But they could make minor sneaky adjustments shall we say, which most Christians are oblivious to. You really need to carefully compare the Masoretic and Septuagint two and beware that the Europeans are the Israelites. What is certainly interesting, by seeing the minor tweaks they made to the Masoretic Old Testament, you can see what they were trying to distort and cover up. That being that we are the people of the Bible. They’ve always tried to stop us coming to that truth. So lets get into the differences.

First you must realize the Phoenicians were Israelites. The Israelites dominated all the coastlands in the kingdom of Israel. It was they who built up vast fleets, harbors and trade, traversing the entire Mediterranean, setting up colonies and new nations, even reaching as far as the British Isles. There are many verses which make this clear and especially link the great sea port Tyre both to the Phoenicians, the Europeans and them being Israelites. Therefore most of the distortions in the Masoretic focus on creating a barrier between Tyre and the port cities being Israelite dominated. They are trying to push that these were all Canaanite harbors. So in a nutshell the numerous Europeans colonies and nations that sprang from the Israelite Phoenicians were in fact Canaanites is the lie they are trying to create.

Firstly in Joshua 19, where it is explained which tribe got which territories and the accompanying cities. In the Septuagint we get a clear concise account of Naphtali receiving the city Tyre, where we read: “ And the walled cities of the Tyrians, Tyre, and Omathadaketh, and Kenereth…” (Joshua 19:15 BST) Whilst a few verses earlier in Asher inheritance it is explained that Asher’s territory would border on Tyre. Both the Masoretic and the Septuagint agree on this. However when we go back to Naphtali’s inheritance in the Masoretic this time, there is no mention of tyre, where we read: “And the fenced cities are Ziddim, Zer, and Hammath, Rakkath, and Chinnereth.” (Joshua 19:15 KJV) So they have changed the verse to not include Tyre. These subtle changes would be used to push the idea of a separate Canaanite Phoenicia controlling the coast. But it will go further as they will try to hide Israelites being in the Mediterranean as well.

But firstly some scripture to absolutely show Tyre belonged to Israel. After the conquest of Canaan, and once the Israelites strengthened in their possession of the land of Canaan, as the Biblical records suggest, Josephus explains that Solomon had forced all the remained Canaanites into slavery and made sure Israelites ruled over them to keep them in check. So how could a separate Canaanite city exist let alone an entire coastline? (cf. Antiquities 8.6.3). Furthermore even before Solomon when David had his census of Israel, Tyre and Sidon were among the places where it was conducted, and here both of these cities are distinguished from “the cities of the Hivites, and of the Canaanites”, and so they must have become Israelite cities (2 Sam 24:6-7), which Yahshua Christ also attests this in Matthew, where he scolds Tyre and Sidon for not repenting, which is something only Israelites can do as reread: “Woe unto thee, Chorazin! woe unto thee, Bethsaida! for if the mighty works, which were done in you, had been done in Tyre and Sidon, they would have repented long ago in sackcloth and ashes. But I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for Tyre and Sidon at the day of judgment, than for you.” Matthew 11:21-22 & Luke 10:13-14. 

Now if we move on to Ezekiel, in his lamentation of Tyre (chapter 27). He is scolding Tyre for turning against their brother the Israelites, which again shows Tyre must have have been an Israelite city. Firstly a verse that shows Israelites in Cyprus. Surprisingly the King James translated this one corrected, At Ezekiel 27:6: “Of the oaks of Bashan have they made thine oars; the company of the Ashurites have made thy benches of ivory, brought out of the isles of Chittim.” Chittim some one of the sons of Javan, it is referring to Cyprus. Here we see the tribe of Asher (“Ashurites”, #843) in Cyprus (“Chittim”), an island of famous Phoenician colonies which was subject to Tyre before the Assyrian conquest (Antiquities 9.14.2). If Israelites controlled the islands in the Mediterranean are we supposed to believed they didn’t control the ports on their coastland? Here in the Masoretic and we will use the English Revised English which followed it, they removed Asher from that verse instead having boxwood, and if we check the word Strongs 839, they are trying to argue that Asher is not the tribe of Asher but referring to a box of wood.

Then a few verses later, The Septuagint adds a line to Ezekiel 27:18 this time the King James Version messed up so we’ll read Brenton’s Septuagint: “The people of Damascus were thy merchants by reason of the abundance of all thy power; wine out of Chelbon, and wool from Miletus; and they brought wine into thy market.”

In the King James which followed Masoretic here, they removed any reference to Miletus. Miletus was an ancient Carian-Phoenician settlement in southwest Anatolia. So they are trying to hide a connection to Tyre. Probably because the people in Anatolia at this were white so one might that deduce the Phoenicians and Tyrians were white. In Herodotus History, Thales of Miletus who lived in this region, an early famous “Greek” philosopher, was said to be “of Phoenician descent” (Herodotus, Histories 1:170).

Then in the next verse the Septuagint which surprisingly the King James got right this time, makes it clear that the tribes of Dan, (Danaan Greeks) and Javan (Japhetite Ionian Greeks) brought trade to Tyre. This is the Danaans who went straight Greece during the Exodus, such as Achilles, Agamemnon, Odysseus etc. If not how can Israelites trade with Dan, one of their own tribes from a sea port? Unless this Dan referred to here is some a far, a colony in Greece as they are linked with Javan the Ionian Greeks so Danaans must have Greece. Once again the Greeks were white so if you realize they are the tribe of Dan you’re going to put two and two together. Guess what, the Masoretic removed Dan in this verse to Vedan, strongs 2051 they claim is a place of unknown origin. If you scroll down they claim possibly somewhere in Arabia? As always they are trying hide that many of the Greeks were Israelites.

Concerning the prophecies which forecast the destruction of Israel and the Assyrian deportations, we find two mentions of Tyre in the Septuagint which are wanting in the King James Version. At Amos 3:11 where the King James Version states “An adversary there shall be even round about the land”, the Septuagint has a less ambiguous “O Tyre, thy land shall be made desolate round about thee”, the rest of the verse agreeing except that the Septuagint has “countries” where the King James Version has “palaces”. Speaking to the children of Israel, Micah 7:12 in the Septuagint reads: “And thy cities shall be leveled, and parted among the Assyrians; and thy strong cities shall be parted from Tyre to the river, and from sea to sea, and from mountain to mountain.”

Now we shall add a little bit from Josephus as well. The tribe of Naphtali was evidently not alone in Tyre. There is a workman whom Hiram had sent to assist Solomon in the building of the temple, and this time both the Masoretic and Septuagint are agreed where we read 1 Kings chapter 7: “13 And king Solomon sent and fetched Hiram out of Tyre. 14 He was a widow’s son of the tribe of Naphtali, and his father was a man of Tyre, a worker in brass: and he was filled with wisdom, and understanding, and cunning to work all works in brass. And he came to king Solomon, and wrought all his work.” However Flavius Josephus, whose copies of Scripture seem to have been more complete in many respects, wrote of this in Antiquities Book 8 and said: “ 76 Now Solomon sent for a craftsman out of Tyre, whose name was Hiram; he was by birth of the tribe of Naphtali, on the mother’s side (for she was of that tribe;) but his father was Ur, of the family of the Israelites.” Josephus did not know the father’s tribe, but here we see he accounted Tyrians as Israelites.

How did Europeans through out history view the Septuagint? Educated men who wished to create translations, such as Wycliff, Tindale and Martin Luther. The people who had control over the Masoretic text, launched campaign after campaign criticizing the Septuagint, leveling all sorts of accusations against it. Therefore, quite sadly, it fell into total disuse by the Western churches. Most popular translations therefore, including the  King James Version, English Standard Version, New American Standard Version, and New International Version. relied heavily on the Masoretic text as basis for their translations, virtually ignoring the Septuagint. Therefore a lot of the minor tweaks they made to the Masoretic texts came through to our English and Europeans Bible translations. Although more recent translations have put much greater weight on the Septuagint. the damage to Christianity has already been done.

But those minor mistranslations are not all the damage. As the Masoretic texts also removed several books completely from the Old Testament. As we showed last proof, the books known as Tobit, Maccabees, 2 Ezras, Susanna, Wisdom of Solomon, Song of Solomon and Ecclesiastes should all be included in our Bibles. All of these books give us vital extra information. As we explained, they show how Judea had become mixed by the time of Christ, that the Israelites went north to Arsaeth in Europe. That Canaanites were impersonating the tribe of Judah during Daniel’s time, finally from Solomon that Yahweh has married the children of Israel who are his wife and the events in Garden of Eden in Genesis are explaining a Fallen Angel seducing Eve resulting in Cain. But since the Masoretic was seen as the authority and did not include those books, those books were removed to a separate Apocrypha section. Even Martin Luther fell for this and their insidious influence. Finally there is one more drastic error.

That is the timeline from Adam to now. In the Hebrew Masoretic they have blatantly tampered with the Patriarchs lifespans and birth timelines. For example in the Septuagint Adam does not father Seth until he is 230. Seth does not father his son Enosh until he is 205. Yet in the Masoretic they have removed 100 years, so Adam seems to father Seth at 130 and Seth fathers Enosh at 105. They remove 100 years from all the begetting age of every early Patriarchs. This is significant because in the Hebrew Masoretic the flood was 1656 years after Adam, but in the Septuagint it is 2262 years after Adam. Which is over 600 years difference. This corruption continues after the flood up to Abraham.

The Masoretic reduced the begetting age of all the Patriarchs from Shem to Abraham. In the Masoretic it seems as if Noah is still alive when Abraham is born. That Shem outlived Abraham. That Shem was alive when Jacob was born. But in the Septuagint timeline Noah has been long dead for almost 1000 years by the time Abraham comes along. Additionally the lifespans in the Septuagint of this patriarchs seems much more natural as they gradually are living shorter lifespans, whilst in the Masoretic it is far more drastic. Early Christians accused them of doing this to make it seem the coming of Christ was out of sink with the timeline of prophecies. In other words Christ couldn’t be the Messiah as he came at the wrong time. This failed as Europe accepted Christianity as we became Christendom.

Whilst the timeline change does not necessarily change anything for realizing who we Europeans are, or the people of the Bible, or altering any doctrines or believes. It has been abused and Christians are accused of believing the world is only 4000 years old or round about. We must point out that the Bible never tells us how old the world is, only how long ago Adam was created. With the correct Septuagint timeline that would be roughly 7500 years ago, which is far older than the corrupted Masoretic timeline. The Adamic creation begun at that time, but that does not mean that there were Fallen Angels messing around with creation before hand. That there were Nephilim in pre-existing time, perhaps even thousands of years prior to Yahweh creating Adam. This is how there is already a Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in existence, when Adam is created.

Overall in conclusion with all these minor adjustments to the Masoretic, making it seems Tyre was not an Israelite city and additionally with the books such as Solomon being removed. If we were to look at this like a detective, searching for motives and patterns. We could deduce, there was a clear sinister plot behind all of this, with the objective to hide the identity of the Europeans being the Israelites, as well as to protect the identity of the race of Cain. Imagine during the protestant reformations 500 years ago, if our people had instead followed the Septuagint or at least held it in higher esteem with all of their translations. Perhaps things would be very different.

Finally we can also see the connection between trying to corrupt the Bible and now much later, with them ruling world. How they have taken it far further, introducing false histories and science such as evolution. That we don’t come from Adam but instead evolved from monkeys. That we Europeans don’t originate from the Far East, from Noah and his sons, but instead originate in Europe as cavemen living through ice ages for tens of thousands of years and all other made up nonsense history. They couldn’t get away with that back then, so they settled and succeeded greatly in corrupting Christianity. Now they don’t need to anymore. One day though, our people will finally wake up and see through the lies and realize who we truly are, the people of the Bible.

92) What we can Learn from the Dead Sea Scrolls


In the 1940’s and 1950’s an amazing discovery was made. Generally called the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Dead Sea Scrolls were roughly twenty-five thousand fragments of text which included many new fresh sets of ancient Hebrew scriptures. They date back to anywhere from 50 BC to the time of Christ. Therefore they are incredibly ancient and far older than the Hebrew Masoretic scriptures, which are only roughly a thousand years old. However, many of the texts found were mere fragments and quite small, although a few large scrolls were well-preserved including copies of Isaiah and Psalms. Copies of Deuteronomy are also well-represented. Some people have claimed the Dead Sea Scrolls shook the foundations of Western religion. But this is a lie, usually to sell some book. None the less they are important and useful for numerous reasons.

Firstly, they give us a third witness apart from the Hebrew Masoretic and the Greek Septuagint. They contain various Apocrypha books such as the book of Enoch, some parts which have never been seen before. They have some scrolls in Greek which shows that this sect at least were more than happy to use the Greek language. They use the name Yahweh, even on the Greek scrolls, were typically it would normally be substituted with Kurious which means Lord. They contain copies or parts of all Old Testament books, except Nehemiah and Esther. Esther should certainly not be in the Bible. Before we elaborate, we should give a little history to the background to the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The Dead Sea Scrolls were found in a number of caves near the West Bank, 13 miles south of Jerusalem. The Rockefeller family funded a museum on the West Bank to house and study the scrolls. Archaeologists and other scholars, many from the United States, Britain, and other Western nations, studied them there up until 1967. However this did not last long as in the Six-Day War the West Bank was seized, all access was shut off to the Scrolls until after 1992. During this period, only select academics were allowed access. So for 25 years most scholars were totally shut out of access to the Dead Sea Scrolls.

By the late 1950’s most of the fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls had been transcribed, but they were not yet published. John Strugnell, a professor at the Harvard Divinity School, was the chief editor of the Dead Sea Scrolls Publication Project. He was also intimately acquainted with the scrolls both before 1967 and after 1992. Once Strugnell complained of missing scrolls and nefarious deals between certain academics and antiquities dealers, among other things, various accusations were made against him, he was slandered as being a depressed drunkard, and there was a successful campaign to have him removed from his position. This all sounds like typical treachery, and for these and various other reasons, I would suspect that we certainly do not have all of the information which the Dead Sea Scrolls may have contained. Strugnell reportedly complained of several missing scrolls, including a copy of the Temple Scroll and a complete copy of Enoch. Only a few fragments of Enoch were released to the public, but Strugnell insists there was a complete copy and they deliberately hid it.

For providing a third witness to the ancient scriptures. Previously the primary sources for the scriptures were either the Hebrew Masoretic text or the Greek Septuagint. Since there were some differences between these two, having a third source available would help mediate the differences and act as a third witness. In other words if there are two verses that are slightly different in the Masoretic and the Septuagint, how would we know which one was correct? We can now look to see how the verse is in the Dead Sea Scrolls to give us greater accuracy when translating the scriptures to English or any European language.

The Dead Scrolls contains fragments of Apocrypha books such as Jubilees, Tobit, 1 Enoch (which actually includes the separate Book of Noah, Book of Giants [where even Gilgamesh is mentioned], and other works), the astronomical writings attributed to Enoch, and the Testaments of the Patriarchs, along with many Apocryphal works. However the existence of these works in the scrolls is not necessarily by itself a sign of their canonicity. Rather, we must realize that these scrolls are part of the library of just one sect in Judaea, and that sect is not necessarily any better than the other sects which we know had their own problems and disputes over the legitimacy of various religious writings. Never the less the book of Enoch is quoted by the Apostles, and the fragments found give us further insight into what the Fallen Angels were doing and how we ended up with Nephilim race, which is allegorically described as the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

What is also interesting, is some fragments of some of the Biblical books are written in Greek. So it shows the writers of the Dead Sea Scrolls certainly weren’t Hebrew purists and didn’t mind using the Greek language. Most modern Bible academics stubbornly insist the Apostles did not speak Greek. Here we see the Dead Sea Scrolls writers certainly did. Additionally at least several of the Greek texts have the Tetragrammaton, YHVH, rather than the Greek word kurios, wherever it appears in the manuscripts. When the Greek Septuagint was translated in Alexandria, Egypt about the year 300 B.C, we do not know if the translators changed all references of Yahweh to the Greek word kurious, which means lord. However the oldest copies of the Septuagint to have survived date from around the 4th century AD and they do not contain Yahweh, but Kurious instead.

Regardless we really should be using the name of our God, Yahweh. by Christ’s time, where Herod and the other Edomites had usurped power in Judea. They had banned the use of the word Yahweh. Josephus in his writings, which would be a little later than the time of Christ, explains that he is no longer allowed to use the name. Evidently there was a time when he was allowed to use it. Christ explained to the Apostles, that the Pharisees sit on the seat of Moses, therefore they had to obey the laws so long it not strictly break the laws Yahweh gave us. However around 70 AD Jerusalem was destroyed and their authority ended once and for all. Therefore there is certainly no ban on the name Yahweh and we Christians should be using it again. Here we see that the Dead Sea Scrolls writers, were still using it, potentially defying the Pharisees in doing so.

But that’s not all in relation to Greek. The Dead Sea Scrolls generally follow the Greek Septuagint more closely but not always. This adds much further weight to the veracity of the Greek Septuagint and certainly diminishes the Hebrew Masoretic as the ultimate authority on the Bible. However unfortunately, many critical passages disputed in our Bibles are not represented. That does not mean that they did not exist, but only that those parts of the scrolls disintegrated with time. For instance, Genesis 3:15 where Eve is seduced by the Serpent is not there, all the way through to Genesis 4:1 on the birth of the Cain and the beginning of Genesis chapter 6, where the Fallen Angels begin taking Adamic wives, all of these passages are wanting.

That the “Dead Sea Scrolls and their translations were kept under wraps for decades in fear that ‘they would shake the foundations of Western religion’” is a frequently repeated but blatant lie which cannot be substantiated. The scrolls were first discovered in 1947, and they were collected and deposited in a museum in the West Bank region of Palestine, where for twenty years they were studied by western scholars, and photographs were made of all the scrolls and fragments. In 1967, during the six-day war the West Bank was seized. It was they who seized control of the museum that the scrolls were housed in, having restricted access to all but a select few of their own scholars. In the early 1990’s once again access began to be granted to the scrolls to others. It is hardly conceivable that access was cut off to the scrolls in order to protect Christianity, and books about the scrolls and their contents had already been published, such as The Scrolls From The Dead Sea, by Edmund Wilson in 1955. If anything, the sole objective would be to make certain that nothing could get out which exposed the lies that those claiming to to be the people of the Bible today.

While there are indeed some gems in the Dead Sea Scrolls, I do not believe there are any truly important contributions to our understanding of Christianity which lend value to what we already have in other works. Their real value is, I believe, in the apocryphal literature which they contain, that we may use it in accordance with that which we already have as an additional witness to its antiquity and to the readings of the texts, since much of the apocryphal literature which we have is of poor provenance and transmission.

93) Israelite Culture and Greek Culture were the Same


The Israelites spread out and colonized Europe from the time of the Exodus as we’ve explained in many proofs. It should be no surprise then that these colonies which grew to become great nations in their own right exhibited many close religious beliefs and customs to the Bible. These similarities, cannot be explained if the cultures were not related. If therefore for example we examine the Greek customs we will find similarities that only serve to prove the Israelites had settled Greece. Since the Greeks were White and we can determine many of which were Israelites, then so were the rest of the Israelites and ultimately we can determine the Europeans are the people of the Bible.

God’s Fallen Angels Titans
Beginning with the Greek belief in gods, we should first give a quick run through of the Biblical narrative. In the Bible we learn that Fallen Angels which are also allegorically called the Serpent had mixed creation and therefore fell from the grace of Yahweh. Some of Apocrypha suggests the Fallen Angels are bound in a dark pit somewhere awaiting judgement. Importantly, the Fallen Angels and all of their creation are seen as evil with no room for repentance and doomed to a destiny in the lake of fire, when Christ returns.

But then there were also the false alternative myths being spread by evil races such as the Canaanites. Here the creation story is twisted to spin their origin in a positive light. So in one variation all races were created from a great Serpent out of Chaos. The Serpent is seen as a force of good and there is no difference between all races. Furthermore Yahweh is removed from the picture all together. In another version, gods came down from the sky mating with mankind creating demigods and other mixed creations such as centaurs. Here the fallen angels are elevated to gods and their offspring are not seen in a negative light. Rather they are seen as heroes and great beings. Again Yahweh is not present in this twisted story. These present propaganda by the race of Cain and the Nephilim to justify and explain their existence. To even give themselves a divine like origin. As we compare the Greek customs we will find that unfortunately that some of these myths had weaseled their way in.

In Greek mythology, a pantheon of gods existed. The leader and head god was Zeus. The story goes that Zeus and the other gods had fought against another set of gods which are called titans. Zeus and his side had prevailed and bound the titans up in a prison. This is very similar to the Biblical narrative, although rather than one supreme God, Yahweh locking up fallen angels who aren’t gods. Instead it’s simply a battle of lesser gods with the good side winning and the evil side being bound up in prison. But since the Israelites Greeks were separated from the main of body Israelites in Palestine we should not surprised that their beliefs would deteriorate and fall away from the core truths.

Additionally the Greeks believed the gods were mating with humans, creating demigods. Such as Hercules was believed to be part god part man. Where did they get this myth from? As this is exactly the fallen angels were doing. The Greeks also believed that the gods had created hybrids monsters, called Chimeras such as Eagles merged with Lions as well as Centaurs, horse with Men and many others. Again this is incredibly similar to the Biblical account of the Fallen Angels corrupting creation.

Serpent Cast Out of Heaven
In some of the Greek Myths, Apollo had cast out a great serpent from the heavens called Python. This serpent was now earthbound. If you put the pieces together and understand in the Bible, the Serpent in an allegory for the Fallen Angels. With later in scripture their offspring, particularly the race of Cain are being described and this earthbound Serpent. Then you see where they got this myth from. Here it should noted that the Greeks did not try to make the Serpent into a good character, it was still seen as an evil entity. Unlike the Canaanites and other wicked races

Son to Replace God
The Greeks also had held a belief that their God Zeus, who held a scepter of sovereignty over men, would be replaced by his own son. In from Aeschylus, Prometheus Bound, from line 755:
Io: What! Shall Zeus one day be hurled from his own dominion?
Prometheus: Thou wouldst rejoice, I trow, to see that happen.
Io: How should I not, since ’tis at the hand of Zeus I suffer ill?
Prometheus: Then thou mayest assure thyself that these things are so.
Io: By whom shall he be despoiled of the sceptre of his sovereignty?
Prometheus: By himself and his own empty-headed purposes.
Io: In what wise? Oh tell me, if there be no harm in telling.
Prometheus: He shall make a marriage that shall one day cause him ruth.
Io: With one divine of birth or with a mortal? If it may be told, speak out.
Prometheus: Why ask with whom? Of this I may not speak.
Io: Is it by his consort that he shall be dethroned?
Prometheus: Aye, since she shall bear a son mightier than his sire.

In the Bible Yahweh had married his wife the children of Israel. He would have to die to save them, thus in a way cause himself ruin. Furthermore he would have to do this by coming down as man, which by he would inherit the world. The Greek myth is amazingly close to the Bible here again.

In the 2nd Psalm we have a prophecy of Yahweh God appointing His Own Son to be ruler over the nations, where we read: “6 Yet have I set my king upon my holy hill of Zion. 7 I will declare the decree: the LORD hath said unto me, Thou art my Son; this day have I begotten thee. 8 Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession. 9 Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron; thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel. 10 Be wise now therefore, O ye kings: be instructed, ye judges of the earth. 11 Serve the LORD with fear, and rejoice with trembling. 12 Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all they that put their trust in him.”

Hades is Shoal and the Ressurection
Originally the ancient Greeks believed in a resurrection from the dead. That when a man died, they would abode in Hades. Although their was no way out of Hades, unless a God intervened. Such as in a play written by Euripides and titled Alcestis, the wife sacrifices herself to save her husband. Hercules saves her from Hades. This is cognizant with the Hebrew Shoal. For example when Jacob believes that his son Joseph has died and says he will mourn for him he remarks “For I will go down into the grave unto my son mourning.” But the word translated to grave is actually shoal. Jacob believed he would join Joseph one day in the underworld. The primary difference in these believes, is the Israelites understood that Yahweh would one day save us all as the Messiah, Christ. Which they all looked forward to. Christ himself used the word Hades several times, such in Revelation where he promised to “destroy Hades and death.” Therefore when an Adamites dies we now go to Christ rather than the underworld as Christ has destroyed Hades and upon his second coming there will no more death.

Persians Dorians sisters races
The Greeks had an understanding of different races, similar to the Genesis 10 account. For example the relationship between Dorians and Persians: From Aeschylus, The Persians, line 176, where the poet puts these words into the mouth of Atossa, the mother of Xerxes the Persian king as he goes off to invade Greece in war:

I have ever been haunted by many a dream at night since my son, having fitted forth his armament, departed hence with intent to lay waste the land of the Ionians. But never yet have I beheld so distinct a vision as yesternight. I will describe it unto thee.
I dreamed that two women in fair vesture, one apparelled in Persian garb, the other in Dorian attire, appeared before mine eyes; both in stature far more striking than the women of our time, in beauty flawless, sisters of the selfsame race.
Aeschylus, who was a veteran warrior of the battle of Marathon in 490 BC, wrote only a few years after the wars with the Persians. He did not consider the Ionians to be related to the Persians, but here in the mouth of his character he professed that the Dorians and Persians were “sister” races. If understands the Ionians were from Japheth, and the Israelite Dorians as well Persians were Shemites. Therefore they were closer related.

Stoning was a Capital Punishment
Some parts of Greece had Capital Punishment identical to the Israelites. The punishment of stoning: This is found in Aeschylus, Seven Against Thebes, from line 196. There the poet puts these words into the mouth of Eteocles, the king of Thebes:
Now if there be one who shall refuse obedience to my authority – man or woman or whatsoever is betwixt – sentence of death shall be passed upon him, and he shall in no wise escape destruction by stoning at the people’s hand.” Thebes was a Phoenician colony.

So stoning was a method of capital punishment among the Thebans, according to the poet. Yet stoning is again mentioned as a punishment used among the Argives, at Agamemnon line 1616 where it portrays the people as having said to Aegisthus:
I tell thee in the hour of justice thou thyself – be sure of that – shalt not escape the people’s curses and death by stoning at their hand.” The Argives was a faction of the Danaan Greeks

Blood of Innocent cries out
The Greeks also believed in the blood of innocent which crys out for vengeance.
The blood of the innocent: from Aeschylus, The Libation Bearers, from about line 36 we read: “…Heaven’s will under pledge, declared that those beneath the earth complain in bitter anger and are wroth against their slayers… For what redemption is there for blood once fallen on the earth?

To that we shall compare Genesis chapter 4: “9 And the Lord said unto Cain, Where is Abel thy brother? And he said, I know not: Am I my brother’s keeper? 10 And he said, What hast thou done? the voice of thy brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground.” Then again, from Revelation chapter 6: “9 And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held: 10 And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?”

Sons and bastards
The struggle between sons and bastards is described in Euripides’ Hippolytus, lines 962-963 where we read:
… the bastard is always an enemy to the true-born.
To this we must compare to Hebrews 12:8: “But if ye be without chastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are ye bastards, and not sons.” We may also compare Galatians 4:29: “But as then he that was born after the flesh persecuted him that was born after the Spirit, even so it is now.” Of course, there is the murder of Cain and Abel, and the persecution of Christ by Cain’s descendants.

Kinsman Avenger
The kinsman avenger of blood: from Aeschylus, The Libation Bearers, from line 269 we read: “Of a surety the mighty oracle of Loxias will not abandon me, charging me to brave this peril to the end, and, with loud utterance, proclaiming afflictions chilling my warm heart’s blood, if I avenge not my father on the guilty; bidding me, infuriated by the loss of my possessions, slay them in requital even as they slew…. And of other assaults of the Avenging Spirits he spake, destined to be brought to pass from a father’s blood; for the darkling bolt of the infernal powers, who are stirred by slain victims of kindred race calling for vengeance…”

This is a precise parallel to that same Hebrew next-of-kin blood avenger that we see described in Numbers Chapter 35 and elsewhere: when a man is slain his next-of-kin are obliged to see that his slayer is brought to justice. But Orestes travailed over avenging his father, having been placed in a difficult situation because it was his own mother and her lover who had killed him, and he was therefore obligated to slay his own mother, for which he would also suffer.

Mourning of Dead
As for the mourning of the dead, the wearing of black and the cutting of hair is all similar to the Israelites. In Euripides, Alcestis, from line 425, in the mouth of Admetus king of Pherae in Thessaly: “I command all the Thessalians in my realm to join in the mourning for my wife: let them cut their hair and wear black apparel.”

Sackcloth was worn by Hebrews in mourning the dead, and that too was black, which is evident in Revelation 6:12: “And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood.”

Sin cleansing
Cleansing of sin with either blood or baptism: This is found in Aeschylus, Eumenides, at lines 448-452: “It is the law that he who is defiled by shedding blood shall be debarred all speech until the blood of a suckling victim shall have besprinkled him by the ministrations of one empowered to purify from murder. Long since, at other houses, have I been thus purified both by victims and flowing streams.”

Here we see that the Greeks believed that one may be cleansed of the sin of murder either by baptism (“flowing streams”) or by the blood of sacrifice . To this we may compare Hebrews 9:13: “For if the blood of bulls and of goats, and the ashes of an heifer sprinkling the unclean, sanctifieth to the purifying of the flesh…” In the Bible, “one empowered to purify from murder” would be a Levitical priest, and more specifically the high priest, so we see that the Greeks also thought such a task could be accomplished only by certain individuals. But of course, the cleansing of sins with baptism is found only in the New Testament, in the baptism of John, where in the Old Testament the sins of the children of Israel could only be cleansed with the blood of sacrifice

Dancing for a God
Dancing in honor of a god: this is found in Euripides’ Bacchae, from line 206. Bacchae is a play about the feast of Bacchus, another name for Dionysus, the Greek god of wine and revelry. The poet puts these words into the mouth of the character Teiresias: “Will someone say that in preparing to dance with my head crowned with ivy I show no respect for my old age? No, for the god has not distinguished old from young where dancing is concerned: he wants to receive joint honor from everyone and to be magnified by all without exception.”

In Euripides’ Phoenician Women, at line 655 we read where it speaks of Dionysius and calls him: “…the Bacchic god worshipped in dancing by maids and matrons of Thebes in their ecstasy.”

In the Exodus the Israelites rebelled worshipping and dancing around the golden calf. However later in Scripture, dancing was accepted in honor of Yahweh, for example in the 149th Psalm: “1 Praise ye the LORD. Sing unto the LORD a new song, and his praise in the congregation of saints. 2 Let Israel rejoice in him that made him: let the children of Zion be joyful in their King. 3 Let them praise his name in the dance: let them sing praises unto him with the timbrel and harp. 4 For the LORD taketh pleasure in his people: he will beautify the meek with salvation.” So the pagan gods were honored by dancing, in both the Greek literature and in Scripture, and Yahweh God was also honored by dancing.

Laws emanate from God:
The Greeks believed the laws emanate from God or gods. The gods were seen as lawgivers and punishers of the disobedient, just as the Hebrews received their law from God ad were punished for being disobedient. For example in Euripides’ Ion, around line 440, the poet puts the following words into the mouth of the title character: “I must rebuke Apollo, what is wrong with him? Ravishing unwedded girls and abandoning them? Begetting children and then sitting idly while they die? Do not act this way! Since you have power, pursue goodness! Any mortal who is base is punished by the gods. So how is it right that you who prescribe laws for mortals should yourselves be guilty of lawlessness?”

But there are also parallels to Genesis chapter 6 here, as there are throughout the Greek myths. These sins which the Greeks had thought were committed by gods, the prophets of Israel had assigned to the fallen angels creating the Nephilim.

The time of purification following childbirth: from Euripides, Electra, line 654, where she asks an old man to announce the birth of her son to Clytemnestra, the widow and murderer of Agamemnon. Electra was also a daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra, and like her brother Orestes she also felt compelled to avenge her father’s murder against her mother. So after she tells him to go announce the birth of her grandson, hoping to lure her mother, the old man asks how long it had been since the birth and she responds: “Ten days ago, the time a woman who has given birth keeps pure.”

To this we must compare Leviticus chapter 12: “1 And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying, 2 Speak unto the children of Israel, saying, If a woman have conceived seed, and born a man child: then she shall be unclean seven days; according to the days of the separation for her infirmity shall she be unclean. 3 And in the eighth day the flesh of his foreskin shall be circumcised. 4 And she shall then continue in the blood of her purifying three and thirty days; she shall touch no hallowed thing, nor come into the sanctuary, until the days of her purifying be fulfilled. 5 But if she bear a maid child, then she shall be unclean two weeks, as in her separation: and she shall continue in the blood of her purifying threescore and six days.” The Greeks just shortened the time, but clearly upheld the same tradition.

There are many more cultural similarities. Overall we see a cultural tie between the Greeks and Israelites which cannot be explained unless you realize they were the same people. With this you can begin to realize the Israelites settled Europe, not just Greece but all of Europe. They became the Europeans and are the people of the Bible.

94) The New Testament was written in Greek


One common deception, is the claim that the Apostles and Christ spoke in Aramaic and the New Testament was also written in Aramaic. This is a lie. The New Testament was written in Greek specifically for the Greek speaking Greco-Roman world. As Luke attested in his Gospel: “that Caesar taxed the world.” So, the Roman Empire was Luke’s world. Additionally Yahweh had prophesied that he would speak again to the deported Israelites: “For with stammering lips and another tongue will he speak to this people.” This process began initially in Greek, as His Gospel was spread to His people in the Greek New Testament. Eventually becoming Latin through out the Catholic Church period and now English has become the dominant language of His people, the Europeans. As we’ve explained in previous proofs, most popular Bible translations are in English. Yahweh spoke to us in a new tongue, in European languages for Europeans. Since all the prophets make it clear the Gospel was prophesized to be for the Lost Tribes. We can only conclude the Europeans are the Israelites, who received the Gospel in their own language and nobody else.

As for Aramaic, Christ and the Apostles, frequently mention speaking in their native tongue and they always called it Hebrew, and not Aramaic. However Greek was the lingua de franca of the Roman Empire. Whilst, at this time Latin was primarily only used with the Roman Senate and military. Since Judea was a province within the Roman Empire and had been largely Hellenized since the time of Alexander the Great’s conquest over three hundreds prior. The common language spoken therefore in the region was Greek. Why should we be surprised at all if Judeans also spoke Greek and the Apostles wrote the New Testament in Greek. Why would they write the Gospel in any other language? With this in mind, we should wonder, why is there a push to try and make out that Aramaic was the language the Apostles used? Would it truly make a different?

If the Apostles spoke Greek and Hebrew, but specifically wrote all of their writings in Greek. It becomes clear who they were intending their Gospels for. The lie that the Gospel was written in Aramaic is part of a bigger sinister deception. Since the antichrists try to push the narrative that the Middle East always had populations and demographics looking the way they do now. They create a false concept that Christianity was a Middle Eastern Aramaic speaking religion, which was absolutely unrelated to us Europeans. From here, building upon that lie, a whole pack of lies are stacked on top. For example, that Christianity was an alien religion brought into Europe. That Europeans are the silly Gentiles and not the people of the Bible. That Christianity was a trojan horse to weaken Europe ripe for takeover. The list goes on and we shall cover these deceptions in a later proof.

The oldest known manuscripts of any portion of the New Testament in Aramaic dates to the 5th century, and several known translations into Aramaic from Greek were created even later, such as the Philoxeniana in the early 6th century or the Harklensis in the early 7th. There was a Syriac harmony of the Gospels called the Diatessaron made in the late 2nd century by Tatian which has not survived. But that was an attempt to rewrite the four Gospel accounts in harmony, and should not be reckoned as actual Scripture. Regardless the oldest manuscripts we have are all in Greek. Furthermore if one is well versed in Greek, from reading the manuscripts it becomes clear that they are not a translation. For example Mark several times explains Israelite customs in his Gospel as though writing to a Greek audience.

The only book of the New Testament which may have any claim to have been originally written in Hebrew is the Gospel of Matthew, as the 2nd century Christian writer Papias of Hierapolis had left an ambiguous statement that “Matthew collected the oracles in the Hebrew language”. Then the later second century Christian writer Irenaeus had also attested in his Against Heresies, Book 3, Chapter 1, Paragraph 1, that “Matthew also issued a written gospel among the Hebrews in their own dialect.” However even if Matthew may have written a Gospel account in Hebrew, it has not survived and the Gospel of Matthew which we do have was originally written in Greek, it is not a translation. Rather, the copies of Aramaic New Testament Scriptures known to scholars today are all translations from earlier Greek versions. Even Paul’s epistle to the Hebrews was originally written in Greek.

But there is another proof which only someone well versed in Greek could spot. The Apostles were using the Greek Septuagint scriptures as their source for at least many Old Testament citations. In other words they were reading Greek and must have been able to speak Greek. Speaking in approximate terms, there are nearly 300 citations of passages from the Old Testament found in the Scriptures of the New Testament. Of these, almost a third are verbatim or nearly verbatim citations from the Septuagint, and close to another third are somewhat modified, often merely for context, where it is still evident that the Septuagint text was the source. Of the balance, some are paraphrased, while others favor the Masoretic Text, or on occasion, the Aramaic targums. This pattern is not consistent among the authors of New Testament scriptures. For example, the citations from Matthew and the Revelation seem to favor the Septuagint less frequently than those of either Luke or Paul.

The fact that the New Testament was written in Greek, and that Greek translations of the Old Testament were made in anticipation of the fulfillment of those words found in Isaiah chapter 28, that “with stammering lips and another tongue will he speak to this people”, help to prove that Christ never intended to come merely for Judaeans, but rather, He came for the “lost sheep of the house of Israel”, for the “twelve tribes scattered abroad”, who had mostly all come to know Greek to one degree or another by the time of His coming. If Yahweh God knew beforehand which language He had in mind when the words of Isaiah 28:11 were recorded, Greek must have been that language, and of course He knew because He is God.

95) Similarities of Words in Hebrew and European Languages

Hebrew Alphabet F

There are many similarities in the European languages and Hebrew. This is because when the Israelites migrated to Europe they brought their mother language with them. But historically languages have never stayed static or the same. Languages evolve over time and so did Hebrew. It became the many diverse European languages that exist today. For this reason they are many fundamental words in Hebrew, Greek, Latin and English which are so very similar as they share a common origin. Since many English words are derived from Greek and Latin. There are trails so to speak all the way from Hebrew via Greek and/or Latin to English which show our ancestry. It should as always be no surprise then that antichrists spread deceptions in an attempt to hide this.

In order to separate and distance Hebrew and European languages. Entire false histories and timelines are invented to create an impression they are completely unrelated. Generally speaking Europeans languages are classified as Indo-European whilst Hebrew is classified as an Afro-Semitic language. But the truth is Hebrew is Indo-European or at least the mother tongue of all the Indo-European languages. Technically speaking since the Europeans are the Israelites and therefore descend from Shem. All of our languages should be classified as Shemitic. But we should go deeper and explain the origin of the Israelite language.

Abraham and his fathers, who are ostensibly the first recorded speakers of Biblical Hebrew in the historical narrative of Scripture, had come from Haran. Haran, in Padanaram or the Plain of Aram north of the Euphrates River, was the homeland of his fathers. This was slightly further north than Carcemish, the capital city of the so-called “Indo-European” Hittite Empire. So modern academics have no qualms to consider a branch of the Canaanites as Indo-European, but the Hebrews who are closer to Europeans they refuse to connect.

The Egyptians being Mizraim, descendants of Ham, in recent centuries Hamitic languages including the Cushite language of Ethiopia and the Berber language were considered together to be an African language group, but not any Semitic language. Furthermore, while Arabic has its roots in Aramaic, which is a Semitic language, Arabic seems to have developed within the first few centuries of the Christian period as a local form or dialect of Aramaic, which had been the lingua franca of the Babylonian and Persian empires. Arabic as a language only became popular on account of the Quran, and expanded into Africa along with the expansion of Islam from the 7th century.

Now we shall show some examples. Here we have a list of hundreds of words with must have originated from Hebrew. On the left we have the strongs dictionary numbers. Then we have the Hebrew transliteration how it would be pronounced. Then the meaning in English. Then finally in Greek, Latin and English any similar words which likely are derived from this Hebrew word. Since the entire list would take hours to go through, we shall just pick our 10 favorites.

We will start with the Hebrew word Avir which means the air. In Doric Greek aber (αβηρ, pronounced identical to the Hebrew אןיר), air meant air. Then have the Greek word ether (αἰθήρ), which means the brighter purer air, the sky; whilst air (ἀήρ), meant the lower air. Then in Latin aer, was the atmosphere. Finally in English: we still have the word air but also ether, atmosphere and many others which likely stemmed from air.

Then we have the Hebrew word iysh which means a man, or a male. In ENglish we have man a different word. However when you say a man who is from England he would be called an English man. So the hebrew word ish is there for man of England. This shows our Hebrew ancestry, why else would we use Ish which means man?

Onto the Hebrew word ara which means earth or land. In Greek: you have aroura which means arable land. But also aroo which means to plow. In Latin there is arare which means to plow but also aratio meaning cultivation or arable land. Latin also has arator, meaning farmer. In English we have arable meaning used or suitable for growing crops and we also have the word area. We and our Israelite ancestors are and were an agrarian society. We would naturally link the word land to suitable farming land. Here we should also point that many of our words would have come from either Greek or Latin, which came from Hebrew.

The Hebrew word Dam, which means blood. In Latin Dammare meant to condemn and in English we of course have to be dammed. In the Bible your bloodline certainly can damn you. Cain and his all descendants were dammed because of his bloodline being descended from a fallen angel and eve. So we can see how the word gradually evolved to modern meaning of damn or dammed.

Now an easy one. The Hebrew word which is also a letter in the alphabet he’ which means hello. Even today in English thousands of years ago we still say hey or hi to greet each other.

Next the Hebrew word kele which means prison. In Latin it became cell which mean chamber. In English we used that for cell which is a small room in which a prisoner is locked up. However interestingly as biology has advanced, cell also came to be used for the smallest structural and functional unit of an organism. Which is funny because we are trapped in our bodies and our ancestry. As Christ said to get into heaven you must be born from above. If you’re not you can’t change who you are. In some ways our bodies are prisons. The Apostle Jude describes the nephilim as trapped in chains of darkness. They cannot escape the fate the awaits them, the lake of fire.

This one is interesting, the Hebrew word mahar which meant to bargain (for a wife). However in Latin: marita, meant your wife and maritare meant to marry. In English: we have mare which is a female horse we have marry and marriage. Originally marrying a woman was only consummated when you slept with her and she became your wife. If you did not, then you were not husband and wife. As in Genesis it explains a man will leave his parents and join with a woman and they will become one. Additionally it was always custom in order to get a wife you would bargain with the father to get his daughter. Now our society has been corrupted by the antichrists. We’ve went to calling on woman, to dating and now to casual meeting and no strings attached, swinging and all kinds of perversions.

Next we havemuwth, mowth, maveth which mean to die and death. So in Latin it became mors meaning death. Mortuus meaning dead. Mortalis meaning mortal. Morbidus meaning sickly and morbus meaning sickness. From those in English we of course have mortal but also morgue, mortuary, morbid and possibly murder. However we also have mortgage. In old French gage meant pledge, so mort and gage meant death pledge. Originally in European culture, specifically amongst our Germanic we never devised or allowed mortgages and all forms of usury were banned under Christianity. The antichrists gradually infiltrated our nations setup banks and introduced there own financial laws into our nations to plunder us. Mortgages really are evil.

Onto mechiy, machashabah or machashebeth. These meant a stroke, i.e. a battering ram. or a contrivance, i.e. a texture, machine or intention… In Greek: mechane, an instrument, machine; mechanema, engine; mechanaomai , to construct, build. In Latin: machina, large mechanism; machinari, to engineer. In English we ended up with make, machine, mechanic, machinist. Our ancestors and related Europeans didn’t have as sophisticated technology, yet they always inventing and creating new technology. We still have the word machine, although our idea of a machine now is probably far more complex.

Ok last two. naphal, nephal, nephel which means to fall or something fallen. In Greek: they somehow got an s before the word. Its sphallo, to make to fall, cause to fall; sphalgma, a trip, stumble, fall, failure. Whilst in English we lose the first -na part. A ph would be pronounced as an f, so to fall, to fail. The Angels that rebelled and began mixing creation fell or nefell from the grace of Yahweh. And the Nephilim or Fallen ones are all around us, flooding us today.

Finally para’ or parah with an h. It means to bear fruit. In Latin: parere, meaning to bear, bring forth, give birth to. And pirum, meaning pear. Pirus, pear tree. We also have Parens meaning ancestor. Also ferax meaning fruitful. From there in English we have pear the fruit of course but also parent. As your ancestors bore fruit which is you. When you go back to Genesis Adam and Eve are commanded not to eat or touch of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Later that Eve saw it was good to eat. We see that fruit frequently was used allegorically to described begetting children.

96) How Reverse Cultural Appropriates how all Bible Characters Differ


The phenomenon we are going to describe here as “reverse cultural appropriation” is evidently at least 600 years old in Europe, and it is something which is indicative of the role of the merchants in the decay and decline of a society. Once this is evident, it may also become manifest why in the Bible, the term Mystery Babylon is used to describe the system of worldly whoredom operated by those same merchants.

Cultural appropriation takes place when members of a particular race or culture adopt cultural elements from another race or culture. With millions all round the world coming to our countries over the past few decades, they have certainly adopted many of our customs. An easy example would be participating in ballet or a classical orchestra, something only Europeans do and which was completely alien to them previously.

But here we are using the term “reverse cultural appropriation” because throughout the Middle Ages, gradually Biblical artwork such as the three wise men who visited Christ began to change. Originally they were all white, but gradually over the centuries it has changed. By adding other people into the pictures they are artificially injecting non-Europeans into our historical settings and therefore giving them a share in Europe’s cultural development, and that is why we use the term. The truth is that they do not deserve any credit for any role in the development of Christianity or European culture.

First we shall start with quote which clearly sets the stage for the deception we are about to describe. In a December, 2020 article at Time.com titled Here’s What History Can Tell Us About the Magi we read the following:

Medieval art played a key role in how many current Christmas traditions visualize these men. The Magi as a multiracial set of three figurines, made sometime before 1489, reflects the increased trade between Europe and Africa during the Medieval Period more than anything that was happening when the Gospel of Matthew was written, according to the art historians at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Paintings by artists like Botticelli, Peter Paul Rubens and Hieronymus Bosch helped cement the image of the Magi as a diverse group of men in popular imagination. So prior to this Medieval period the Magi were not depicted that way.

One of the earliest pieces of art depicting the magi of the Gospel account is from a mosaic discovered in a restored Byzantine church which dates to about 565 AD, the Basilica of Sant’ Apollinare Nuovo, in Ravenna, Italy. This is the period immediately after the time when Justinian had conquered the Goths and Vandals in Italy, parts of Iberia and North Africa and returned the subjected provinces to Byzantine Roman rule.

This mosaic pictures the three magi as White men dressed in trousers and enclosed shoes, a long shirt sort of like a tunic, and a cape. The clothing is very colorful and variously patterned. Each of the magi is wearing a sort of pointed cap called a Phrygian cap by the early Greek writers. The names of each of the three magi, as they were assigned in later Church mythology, are inscribed at the top of the mosaic. This is the most historically accurate portrayal of the magi which I have found to date. In Classical Greek art, Phrygians as well as Medes, Scythians, Thracians and men of other eastern and northern nations are depicted as wearing the so-called Phrygian cap. Phrygian caps began to appear on Greek sculptures of ancient Phrygians in the 4th century BC. By then, as a distinct nation Phrygia was gone, but by then many Scythians dwelt in Phrygia, and the caps fit the descriptions given by Herodotus and others of the caps of the Scythians. Greek representations of Thracians also had such caps, but Scythians also dwelt there in large numbers.

However the colorful garments of the magi in the mosaic clearly seem to identify them as Medes, even if they were more likely, in our opinion, Israelites living among the Medes. For that I will read a portion of Xenophon’s Cyropaedia (or Education of Cyrus), written in the early 4th century BC, from Book 8, chapter 3, paragraph 3 of the Loeb Classical Library edition, edited by Walter Miller:

3. Next we shall describe how Cyrus for the first time drove forth in state from his palace; and that is in place here, for the magnificence of his appearance in state seems to us to have been one of the arts that he devised to make his government command respect. Accordingly, before he started out, he called to him those of the Persians and of the allies who held office, and distributed Median robes among them (and this was the first time that the Persians put on the Median robe); and as he distributed them he said that he wished to proceed in state to the sanctuaries that had been selected for the gods, and to offer sacrifice there with his friends. “Come, therefore, to court before sunrise, dressed in these robes,” said he, “and form in line as Pheraulas, the Persian, shall direct in my name; and when I lead the way, follow me in the order assigned to you. But if any one of you thinks that some other way would be better than that in which we shall now proceed, let him inform me as soon as we return, for everything must be arranged as you think best and most becoming.” And when he had distributed among the noblest the most beautiful garments, he brought out other Median robes, for he had had a great many made, with no stint of purple or sable or red or scarlet or crimson cloaks. He apportioned to each one of his officers his proper share of them, and he bade them adorn their friends with them, “just as I,” said he, “have been adorning you.”

So the Byzantines of the 6th century accurately portrayed the magi as White men, and dressed them in clothing which the true magi, the priestly tribe of the Parthian empire at the time of Christ, had most likely worn according to the customs of the Persians and the Medes. But in later Medieval depictions the Phrygian caps were replaced with royal crowns, and their dress will become more European, or more often, more like how such Europeans had typically imagined first century Judaeans and others from the east to have been dressed.

In that same mosaic, the magi are depicted as approaching a throne-like seat surrounded by four White angels and a White virgin Mary with the White Christ child seated on her lap. In all of the earliest Christian art from any of the nations of the larger society, Christ, the apostles, the magi, and all of the other related figures are always depicted as being White. But as we hope to show here, it is the tendency of certain men to want to include other races in our culture and society, and usually it is for the sake of commerce. Having seen that the magi were originally always portrayed as having been White, which is historically accurate.

97) Discoveries of Ancient Art and Early Depictions of Christ


There have been many discoveries, especially within the only the last century of ancient Judaean and Christian art, dating generally from the 2nd or 3rd to the 5th centuries AD. In these artistic depictions not only were Christ and the apostles always depicted as having been White and European-looking, but that is also how the Judaeans had depicted themselves. Simply put, if early Judaeans portrayed themselves and their forbears as having been White, then White they must have been. This includes all Israelites. Here we shall just show a few examples.

One such synagogue which is said to have “incorporated Hellenistic images with biblical stories” gives us a picture of how Judaeans looked. Among the many mosaics discovered in that synagogue are depicted the trial of Jonah, when he was tossed into the sea, a near-blond Judaean man in an image of the astrological sign for Capricorn, and a red-haired Judaean man next to a Hebrew inscription. Most noteworthy, is a depiction of a Hebrew high priest with a group of younger men facing a Greek general and a troop of soldiers. The image has been interpreted in various ways. Among them, it may represent Alexander’s coming to Jerusalem, or an event from the later Seleucid period. The high priest is depicted as white-skinned and having a white-gray beard and hair, and his fellows as White-skinned, fair and with blondish hair. There is no doubt these Judaeans saw themselves as having the same general racial characteristics as both Greeks and Romans.

In an ancient port city of Gaza, a synagogue which was evidently built in 508 AD was discovered in 1965. On the floor of the synagogue was a mosaic containing a portrait of King David playing a harp, which has since been transferred to a museum. David is depicted with blond hair and fair skin, wearing a crown, with his name written above his head in Hebrew letters. Other panels of the mosaic had depictions of wild animals, much of which has been destroyed.

Some of the earliest Christian portraits of Christ and the apostles are found in the catacombs of Thecla and Domitilla in Rome, two early underground Christian cemeteries. The origin of the name Thecla for one catacomb is ambiguous, but Domitilla evidently has its name from a prominent early Christian family which had it built. There are other catacombs in Rome, named for Priscilla or for saints Marcellinus and Peter.

Finding Christian art earlier than the 4th century AD is problematical. Even the Judaeans who had mosaics in their synagogues were breaking with the law in the making of graven images, and early Christians seem to have followed that same law. However from the 4th century, Christian catacombs did contain mosaics and paintings, as did later Christian churches.

So far as churches go, the The Basilica of St. Pudenziana in Rome contains an apse mosaic which was commissioned in 405 AD and completed as late as 415. It features Christ on His throne in a depiction that contains images from Revelation chapter 4, with a number of His apostles on each side. But some of the catacomb paintings are esteemed to be older, such as a depiction of Christ between Peter and Paul, dated to the 4th century and found in the catacombs of Marcellinus and Peter.

In the catacombs of Thecla there is a ceiling painting which contains images of Paul, John, Peter and Andrew esteemed to date to about 380 AD. In another image of Peter painted on a nearby wall, his appearance is alike to that of the ceiling painting. In the catacombs of St. Domitilla in Rome there is another painting of Christ seated on a throne surrounded by his apostles, and yet another of Christ teaching among His apostles. In all of these images, all of the men and women depicted, Christ and His apostles and disciples, are all White, without exception. In the same catacomb is a painting of a reddish-haired, fair-skinned Jonah being spit out of the whale. There is extant Roman art from as early as first century Pompeii which depicts brown people, and it was evidently not a reproach to be brown. But neither Christ nor His apostles were ever depicted as having been brown. They were always White in Roman and Byzantine art. Some commentators on these images like to use only certain ones where the figures portrayed seem to be, or perhaps were even made to be a little darker, such as the image of Moses and Aaron at the Red Sea at Dura-Europos [example], but when all the surviving images are examined as a whole, the dishonesty becomes manifest.

Now perhaps we should go back about eight hundred to a thousand years, to discuss some of the art of Iberia that had belonged to the Phoenicians.

The sculpture known as La Dama de Baza features a matronly woman without expression staring straight ahead, seated in a sort of winged chair that appears as if it could be a small throne. It was found in a cemetery in a high tableland in Granada, Spain. It is a funerary statue over four feet tall and almost as wide, and has a compartment believed to have at one time held the ashes of the deceased. A similar sculpture is only a bust, known as the Lady of Elche, and a compartment in its back also leads to the conclusion that it too was a funerary urn. The bust is only about 22 inches tall. Both of these sculptures are esteemed to date to around 400 BC.

Finally, the Bicha de Balazote, or beast of Balazote, is a man-bull chimera which is very much like an Assyrian cherub, except for the wings, and a Hebrew cherub, except for the wings and the forepart of a lion. It certainly seems to be an adaptation from the cherubs of the east. Carved from two limestone blocks, the sculpture is three feet long and nearly two-and-a-half feet high. A similar figure appeared on coins minted in Sicily in the 5th century BC. While this sculpture is dated to the 6th century, there is really no telling the age of stone, and any of these Iberian sculptures may be that old or even older.

In all of these sculptures, as in an early Roman bust of Phoenician general Hannibal Barca, the Phoenicians are clearly White, having Aryan features. In fact, the bust of Hannibal looks very much like the Judaean high priest in the painting from the synagogue discovered at Hukkok. But to further understand the appearance of the Phoenicians, we need look no further than the modern Britons, who are descended from them. The Phoenicians were said by Herodotus and others to have had a tin trade in the east with tin from the so-called Cassiterides, or “tin islands”. Without a doubt these may be identified with Cornwall and the other islands of the coast of Wales.

98) Ancient Tombs, Cairns, and Dolmans all Across Europe


There are many megalith stone structures all across Europe. But most particularly upon the Phoenician routes of West Europe. Such as the coasts of Spain, France, Scandinavia and the British Isles. The Phoenician golden age was anywhere from after Joshua’s conquest to the Assyrian deportations. So say the 14th century BC to around the 7th century BC. Through out the Biblical narrative there are numerous verses indicating megaliths were a custom of the Israelites and even encouraged by Yahweh. This adds yet more evidence that Europe was colonized from the Middle East, rather than the modern mainstream narrative that Europeans have lived here for tens of thousands of years in the ice as cavemen. We originated as the Israelites and became the Europeans.

In Jeremiah there is a prophesy that the deported Israelites would go on to leave a trial of waymarks where ever they went. In Jeremiah 31:21: “Set thee up waymarks, make thee high heaps: set thine heart toward the highway, even the way which thou wentest: turn again, O virgin of Israel, turn again to these thy cities.” All these stone structures show us the paths they went.

Mainstream academia used to acknowledge that Europe was colonized from the East. Here is a quote on how in the past educated men believed the stone structures were formed:

“Europe’s prehistoric stone structures have long been the subject of legend, attributed to everything from giants to aliens to Satan. Early modern scientific theories from the 17th and 18th centuries also held that the megaliths originated with a specific group of people. These ancients, thought to be from the Near East, the Mediterranean, or elsewhere, depending on the theory, were believed to have spread their monument building practices over sea routes around ancient Europe.”

So in other words the Phoenicians built them. However now continuing, we see modern so called educated men, think differently:

“But such theories began to change with the proliferation of radiocarbon dating in the 1970s. Based on the dates assigned to scattered megalith sites across the continent, scientists began to create a new map of their origins. Rather than a single group of people spreading the practice, it seemed that different people in different regions must have independently taken to expressing themselves with stone structures around the same time. Portugal, Andalusia, Brittany, England, Denmark and Ireland were all suggested as locales where the practice developed independently based on the timing of the sites’ construction.”

Carbon dating has been proven to be completely unreliable. This is more propaganda to hide the truth the Europeans are the Israelites.

However we must state that these megalith structures are all over the world. Such as in Asia, especially Korea. Evidently the Israelites spread far and wide. Especially after the Assyrian deportations, the Scythians also went to the East. No doubt reaching to India and perhaps as far as China. There are for example a recorded 30000 megaliths in Korea alone. This only proves that there must have been great European populations in those parts at one time who were capable of building such structures. But they mixed themselves out of existence.

Ultimately Christianity never prevailed in those regions, or at least never became the dominant religion. As a result there was no barrier between mixing. In Europe Christians would not marry non-Christians. So there was a form of protection and Europeans stayed Europeans. All these former nations in the East had no such barrier, so they fizzled and sank into oblivion.

This is why you only find amazing structures that are ancient in the East. Whilst in Europe, we kept going, kept advancing. Building stone structures such as cathedrals are mind-blowing in beauty and design. Of course in the past century or so the West has shared all of it’s technology and even went out to industrialize and send engineers to build up the East. But if we had never have done that and remained separate. Would they have the cities they have today?

Regardless the stone megaliths, helps us identity where the Israelites went. Particularly to Europe. But also teach us a valuable lesson, that is evident all through out the Bible. If you mix, eventually the civilization will collapse. This is why the Serpent or race of Cain are deliberately casting out a flood to the woman, to us the Europeans. To do just that.

99) Exposing false propaganda against Europeans being Israel


Now we are almost at the end. And after 98 proofs, if you still don’t believe the Israelites white, two more aren’t going to make a difference. But if you do believe, you still might be wavering, primarily because of the lies and deception constantly around us. That makes you doubt the truth. So here instead for this proof we shall expose at least some of the propaganda, which the antichrists use, in an attempt to try to counter the truth coming out, that we are the people of the Bible.

First we shall start with a few quips and jokes you should consider. When Joshua and the Israelites had invaded the land of Canaan. Did they do so with pencils and briefcases to set up banks, or did they invade with swords and axes. Is the Old Testament, a banking manual on how to suck all the wealth from a nation or is it the moral foundations of laws and principles on how to build one from scratch. When Christ walked the earth, did he do stand up comedy, setup a scam, or some fake charity organization. Or did preach morality and loving your own people. The point is, if the Old Testament was about any other people, but the Europeans, it would be a very different book. It is more likely that there would be no Bible at all, and we would all be lost in the stone age of Babylonian paganism. Only Europeans followed Christ, heard their shepherd and through that became the greatest civilization in the world.

But also crucially, the Old Testament describes a righteous enmity and indignation towards the Canaanites, who were the creators of Sodom and Gomorrah. Yahweh commanded the Israelites to invade and wipe them out. But unfortunately they failed and Yahweh warned them that the Canaanites would bring them down, by corrupting the Israelites. Within a few centuries their society had become decadent and corrupted, but this was strictly due to the Canaanites influence. When you look at the history of Europe, you see virtually the same thing. A great moral Christian Civilization, gradually infiltrated and corrupted, brought down to the state we live in now. You’d think it would obvious who is who in the world today, or at least if you mentioned what I’ve just said. You’d think it would open peoples eyes to the truth. But only Yahweh can open peoples eyes.

Now we shall look at some of the crafty arguments our adversaries imagine to use as counter propaganda. This is done to ridicule the idea the Europeans are the people of the Bible. All of these arguments fall apart quickly if one is well studied and has some common sense. Unfortunately most of our people are so engulfed in todays pop culture and know very little about history and the Bible. They fall for these deceptions easily. Here we shall go through some of the common ones.

Character of Jacob of Esau

Firstly the story of Jacob and Esau. One deception is to try and make out that Jacob’s character doesn’t fit the moral values and character of Europeans. Because he deceived his father Isaac into giving him the birthright in the place of his brother, Esau. That instead, Esau, Isaac’s other son, who was a great hunter and whom Isaac loved but was cheated out of his birthright, fits much more the European character. This a sneaky switcheroo, to try and make us Europeans out, to be the “bad guys” of the Bible. As the Edomites become the primary opponents to the Israelite protagonists through out the Old Testament. This argument is trying to make you hate Jacob and especially the Bible and see them both opposed to us European people.

But if we read the Bible, we see Jacob’s actions were righteous. His mother, Rebecca, received a prophecy from Yahweh, that Jacob would rule over Esau. It was her, who insisted Jacob pretend to be Esau, to take the blessing. This was after Rebeca overheard Isaac claim he was going to bless Esau as the firstborn son. Since Esau, who was as Paul described, was a profane man and a fornicator, because of his Canaanites wives. Inevitably this meant the blessing would be passed down to Canaanite offspring. Who were as the Bible describes a grief of mind to both Isaac and Rebecca. Rebecca realize the blessing had to pass to Jacob and Jacob must marry a wife of his own race.

Isaac seems to have overlooked this, but as for Rebecca, she exclaimed that is Jacob also married a Canaanite, then her life will have been for nothing. As all of her grandchildren would be Canaanites. Therefore it was imperative that the blessing went to Jacob who was not a fornicator, rather than Esau. Jacob did not want to go through with it, but Rebecca insisted he did and that she would take the blame. It is due to her persistence that Isaac finally realizes, that Jacob must marry a woman of his own race. Explaining to Jacob, that if he takes a wife from Laban, then he will inherit the blessing. Therefore Jacob did nothing wrong, thanks to Rebecca’s actions actions we exist today.

Anyone who understands what’s going on in today’s world, with our nations being overrun. Which the prophets identify as Esau’s descendants being behind the flood to wipe out Jacob’s descendants. Should identify with Jacob and not Esau. For it was Jacob who followed his parents advice and married a woman of his own people. Furthermore you should hate Esau for he through his bloodline down to the toilet. Corrupting his genetics forever. Speaking of genetics, this brings us to another deception.


Some make the assertion, that the migrations of the twelve tribes into Europe, becoming the European people is impossible. They state that modern DNA and Genetics studies absolutely prove that we did not come from the Middle East and can’t be the people of the Bible. This is where supposedly, remains of Europeans have been dug up, which date back, from tens of thousands of years ago and allegedly are genetically identical to modern Europeans. They might also throw in that these bodies dug up lived in a time far before the Bible was even written and therefore have a jab at the Bible being made up or a forgery.

First of all, modern academia, such as history and science as well as all major corporations have long in the hands of the race of Cain. Therefore can we really believe any new discovery that comes out? Especially in the past decade or two. If they lie about everything, then why would they tell the truth on our European history and ancestry. Nevertheless lets look at one study as it can be interpreted multiple ways, one which only aligns with the Biblical narrative.

In an article posted by the American Association for the Advancement of Science under the title DNA evidence uncovers major upheaval in Europe near end of last Ice Age states that: “DNA evidence lifted from the ancient bones and teeth of people who lived in Europe from the Late Pleistocene to the early Holocene – spanning almost 30,000 years of European prehistory – has offered some surprises… Perhaps most notably, the evidence shows a major shift in the population around 14,500 years ago, during a period of severe climatic instability.” They are stating that Europe demographics drastically changed. What could have caused this? Perhaps Yahweh, God creating the Adamic race, which he tasked with subduing the world, which already had pre-Adamites roaming around, descended from the Fallen Angels.

Normally as soon as a Bible readers hear of science mentioning discoveries of ten of thousands years ago. They can begin to doubt the Bible. As many falsely believe a timeline longer than 4500 years (false Masoretic timeline) or 7500 years (correct Septuagint timeline) does not work with the Biblical scriptures. You must realize, the Bible only states that Adam kind was created roughly 7500 years ago, not that the world is that old. Therefore new discoveries does not change anything and certainly should not shakes ones faith in the Bible.

The article concludes with “The new data show that the mitochondrial DNA of three individuals who lived in present-day Belgium and France before the coldest period in the last Ice Age – the Last Glacial Maximum – belonged to haplogroup M. This is remarkable because the M haplogroup is effectively absent in modern Europeans but is extremely common in modern Asian, Australasian, and Native American populations.” If this study is true, then it only proves that there pre-Adamites roaming around in Europe before the modern Europeans came and displaced them. This perfectly fits with the Bible narrative.

Noah lands somewhere in the East. Gradually his descendants spread out, some reaching into Europe such as the Thracians and Ionian Greeks from Javan. Additionally the descendants Noah begin to encounter the remnants of the Nephilim. As the great flood was local and some Nephilim survived. Sadly overtime they begin to intermix. Yahweh creates the Israelites who spread out into Europe becoming the Europeans. The rest of the Adamic mixes itself out of existence. You end up with Europeans looking like Europeans and ever where else not so much. Therefore the dug up DNA studies of different demographics in Europe prior to our arrival does NOT contest the migrations of the twelve tribes to Europe, neither does it disprove the Bible. What about Christianity itself?

Christian a Con

Some attack the twelve tribes to Europe in a different fashion. They try to claim that Christianity was a Trojan Horse. Like a backdoor virus so to speak, to weaken Europe and make it ripe and ready for takeover. For this they even have an ace up their sleeve. As they will claim that Christianity brought down the Roman Empire. Without a knowledge of history you can see how people can fall for it. They will simply state that Rome was strong and invincible up until say 300 AD, then it went Christian and collapsed only 150 years later. Therefore Christianity is what destroyed the Roman Empire. The dates here are accurate, but there are other reasons which brought Rome down which we get it into.

Then building upon this narrative, they will use Rome as an example and try to apply it to all later European Nations. They will compare say the Viking Era, painting a picture of strong masculine Pagan Vikings. Whose nations were immune to corruption from banks and usury. Contrasting those strong powerful men to the modern effeminate men. Laying all the blame at the feet of Christianity. With a conclusion if Europe didn’t go Christian we’d still be strong and powerful. There’s a lot of trickery here and you see how cunning the adversary is, so we shall break it down.

What really crippled Rome, in explained in Daniel. That the iron and clay would mix, speaking of Adamite and non-Adamites and this would cause the collapse of the Roman Empire. All Empires end up becoming multi-cultural and bring in people from everywhere. Rome naturally followed this and only escalated overtime. By the year 212 AD for the first time ever. The Roman Emperor Caracalla made an edict, where all free-men across the Roman Empire became full citizens. This had a profound effect on the demographics. As previously Romans had very strict marriage laws. They couldn’t just marry anyone, especially non-citizens. Which at least provided a barrier on Roman’s mixing. This new law resulted in the demographics change accelerating rapidly especially in Rome and Italy. Just look at our nations today and how rapidly they’ve changed in the past 50 years alone.

Furthermore we should add, Rome became decadent. Divorce became the norm. The birthrights of the native Romans and Italians dropped substantially. Essentially what is exactly happening to our Europeans nations now. Due to this, even with Constantine the Great, making Christianity the primary religion of the Roman Empire. It could not stop the inevitable collapse that was coming. If Christianity never blossomed anywhere outside Europe and has never ever done anything to raise up the civilization of non-Europeans. Then neither, could it revive the decaying the Roman Empire.

As for the Europeans Pagans such as the Vikings. In ever single case, Christianity drastically improved their civilization. Some of the greatest Scandinavians kings such as Cnut the Great, who ruled the entire Northern Sea Empire was a devout Christian. The same could be said for all Europeans nations, such as Charlemagne who ruled an enormous portion of Europe, overcoming all the Pagan nations. There are no examples of Christianity weakening European nations. Christianity elevated us, but it did nothing for anyone else. As Christ’s sheep heard His voice and became His people. Only we are Christ’s sheep. There is another angle the antichrists sometimes will attack Christianity.

Christianity a Sand Religion

They will claim that Christianity is not a native religion to the Europeans. It some far distant middle Eastern sand religion that is incompatible with our people. That is was forced upon us and the Pagan religions such as Odin and Thor are our true religion. That now we have an opportunity to break away from the false Christian religion and embrace our Pagan roots. Once again becoming a mighty people once more to stop our nations being overrun. Additionally to break away from all this degeneracy around us, to return to traditional Pagan family.

If we believe the classics and the historians, many whom were Pagans. Roman, Greek historians and even the much later Germanic historians, they all consistently state that the Germanic tribes came into Europe from the East. Furthermore they date this beginning around 500-600 BC. Therefore by the time of Christ, these European tribes had only just began to settle recently. Paganism in northern Europe would not be very old at all. If you take it a step further, linking these migrating tribes to the Israelites who deported by the Assyrians. You understand they were just Israelites who had become nomads. As we’ve explained therefore, it is no surprise that many of the Germanic Pagan myths are clearly based on the Bible. Such as Ragnarok, Loki, the Great Serpent, the Giants, the World Tree etc. etc.

100) Yahweh's Plan from Beginning to End


To finish the 100 Proofs we should at least give a brief explanation of Christianity. Most of our people have never had Christianity properly explained to them. Instead they get the church nonsense, which either turns people away from Christianity or traps them in false beliefs and doctrines. So here is my attempt at least to put it all into perspective and I pray our people who have watched this video will seriously consider it.

To properly explain Christianity, we must start with the context of the Bible right from the beginning. But here we are going to condense it down, so it’s going to be brief and fast. What you will notice is that there is a clear logical story throughout. The Bible is consistent and yes as Yahweh says, he does not change. Neither when He was incarnated as Christ did he change.

Christianity was a reconciliation of Yahweh with His people. As Paul, the Apostles, Mary and Zecharias, frequently praise Christ and His reconciliation as promises fulfilled to the fathers. As we’ve shown previously such as in Luke 1:54-55 “He hath helped his servant Israel, in remembrance of his mercy; As he spake to our fathers, to Abraham, and to his seed for ever.” There are many examples in the Old Testament such as in Micah 7:19-20 that Yahweh would remember his Oath to the Patriarchs and come for Israel. In Rom 15:8 Paul reiterates this as well that Christ came for the promise to the fathers and then in Acts 26:7 that Paul’s entire ministry was for the twelve tribes and Paul only went to Europe. Therefore in other words Christianity is only for the Israelites to reconcile them and not for anyone else. Who are the Europeans and we were reconciled under Christianity.

So at the beginning before Genesis. From reading all of the Bible we realize that before Adam was created. We learn that Yahweh created the angels which is not mentioned in Genesis. This is why when Adam is created, there is already a Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden as well as the Serpent, which we learn in Revelation is the Fallen Angels. Out of these angels some rebelled, by mixing (corrupting) Yahweh’s creation. As Christ himself said ” He answered and said unto them, He that soweth the good seed is the Son of man; The field is the world; the good seed are the children of the kingdom; but the tares are the children of the wicked one; The enemy that sowed them is the devil; the harvest is the end of the world; and the reapers are the angels. As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire; so shall it be in the end of this world.” So the Devil which is just the Fallen Angels not some spiritual evil entity have children.

These are the words which Christ gave to explain a parable, and He did not answer a parable with another parable. So there really are descendants of the Devil or Fallen Angels in existence, you cannot just shrug this off and most Christians do. Christ also explained in John 15:5 that he is “the vine” and his followers were “the branches.” In other words Christ is the Tree of Life and his Adamic creation, His family, His children, are the branches that grew from it. Furthermore, He explained that upon his return everyone will be divided into two camps “sheeps” and “goats.” The sheep are offered repentance and are taken up to heaven, but the goats are never offered repentance and all without exception go to the lake of fire. From of all these we realize the origin determines your destiny.

In the book of Enoch, particularly the Dead Sea Scrolls version, we get a further explanation of this. We learn the Fallen Angels mixed their seed with animals creating monsters and evidently even bipeds. Today we may call this crossbreeding or creating hybrids. But the Bible describes them all as monsters, devils, antichrists, satan/adversary, abominations and Nephilim, meaning fallen ones. Some of which were gigantic in size. Again these corrupt offspring where already roaming the world when Adam was created. Collectively they are the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil with the Fallen Angels or Serpent being the head.

Interestingly, we see in animal hybrids today the propensity for gigantism – such as if you mix a tiger and lion, producing a liger. A liger can grow up to twice the size of a tiger. Thus how some Nephilim grew to gigantic size can easily be explained, by blending the species. If a Nephilim grew to twice the size of a man, so say around 12 foot tall. He would be enormous and terrifying.

On a side note, this is an example of a topic your local Churches will never go into. They will instead we all descend from Adam. Alternatively your schools and education will push evolution and ridicule the Bible. Now think about this. If this were true then all through out the bible the prohibitions against mixing and the importance of unmixed blood wouldn’t be emphasized. Such as Noah being saved because his family had not mixed. Or Esau wouldn’t have been punished as his mixed wives were just as pagan as Jacob’s pure wives. Jacob took Pagan wives but they were from his own genetic family and that was fine.

So you can only come to these truths by studying the Bible (and history) for yourself. As Christ said “And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” He means you need to forgo all previous doctrines and start again, like a child with a blank mind and read the Bible from scratch. Meaning you believe what it tells you, and not how most Bible teachers will twist the meanings to create a different version of the Bible.

Or another of way of putting it as Christ said “And no man putteth new wine into old bottles; else the new wine will burst the bottles, and be spilled, and the bottles shall perish. But new wine must be put into new bottles; and both are preserved. No man also having drunk old wine straightway desireth new: for he saith, The old is better.” The old wine is old believes and false doctrines that you’ve been taught. Whilst the new wine is true Christianity that you can only establish by properly examining the Bible. You cannot therefore mix former false doctrines, old wine and merge them in with true Christianity, new wine. As Christ warns “the old is better.” People will prefer to stick with what they are used to and comfortable with. You have make that bold step and toss out all the old false doctrines away. Most people can’t do this, they can’t leave the old doctrines they’ve been brainwashed in.

But you shouldn’t want to be comfortable in lies – you must pick up the truth and conform yourself to God. Christians are obligated to carry their cross, and to have no love for the society. As Paul explained in 2 tim 4:3 “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;”

Now back to Genesis. After the Fallen Angels rebellion, Yahweh God created Adam which in Genesis 1:28 is commanded to multiply, fill the earth, subdue and dominate. The word translated as subdue strongs, 3533. kabash also could be translated as trample down, or tread under foot. Yahweh did not want Adam to be friends with the Nephilim. This is why when we read Genesis 3, Adam is strictly commanded not to touch or eat. In other words not to have any interaction and especially not to have sexual intercourse, mixing with the Nephilim. The punishment for doing this was death. Ultimately Adam fails his commission. As the Serpent snuck in and seduced Eve.

In John 8, Christ accused certain men in Judea as being “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” Only Cain was the first murderer who evidently is of the devil, a Fallen Angel. The men Christ accused were therefore devils as well as kind begets kind. That last part “for he is a liar, and the father of it.” could be more accurately translated “because he is a liar, and his father!” Cain was a liar and so was the Fallen Angel who lied to Eve and seduced her.

You must realize, either Christ is saying they descend from Cain or he is slandering. Is Christ a slanderer? Or was he speaking the truth? Only God can know someone ancestry back thousands of years, something we can’t do. Christ said that if they were the seed of Abraham they would act how Abraham did, because behavior is inherited and the Law is written on our hearts. A tree is known by its fruit. Those Pharisees descended from Cain through Esau’s intermarriage with the Hittites, making the serpent (who was ostensibly a fallen angel) their patriarch instead of Adam.

In Genesis 3:15, Yahweh explains that he will put enmity between the two races. The Fallen Angels offspring, aka the Nephilim which includes Cain will have enmity with the seed of the woman which is the Adamic race. Eve’s seed is also Adam seed. Whilst Cain is technically Eve’s son, genetically he is not the same as Eve. As Cain is a hybrid, so he’s the seed of the Serpent. As all Serpent Seed are hybrids or Nephilim. The enmity between the races is forever.

In Revelation 12 we see the Serpent is persecuting the woman. The woman is Yahweh’s wife the Israelites, but at this point they had been divorced which we will get to and therefore they collectively are referred to as the woman. We see that the Woman or Israelites gives birth to Christ. The reason the sun and moon are at her feat, is because an allegory for the government and rulership of the world. The Israelite were destined to rule the world. And the twelve stars make it clear its the twelve tribes of Israel.

Next the Serpent or Dragon is described as having seven heads because there were seven great Empires that had come, which the bankers or race Cain were the true power behind. The Dragon also drew away a third of the stars, this it the Fallen Angels that fell before Adam. So this is a prophecy that is relates the fall of the Fallen Angels and connects them to the race of Cain and Nephilim who are still trying to destroy us. They also try to kill Christ, this of course was Herod, and Herod was a Edomite.

Then the woman flees into the wilderness. This is the Israelites moving to Europe where they are promised some time of rest under Christianity. Next again a prophecy that connects the Fallen Angels being cast out of heaven, but also the race of Cain being cast out of Europe because Christianity excluding them. The prophecy is connecting the two. Then we see another connection, between the Devil, the Angels, the Serpent, that they are one and the same. So you must realize this when you read Genesis.

The never verse clarifies what we’ve just said. That the Christians overcame the race of Cain. Christianity was heavily persecuted initially in the first few centuries, and it was the race of Cain who primarily behind that. But Christianity prevailed or as it says the blood of the lamb and his testimony which is the Gospel. Now the Fallen angels were not cast out heaven by this, so it must be Christianity in Europe but also linking this to a similar victory to when the Fallen Angels were cast out. And again we realize the race of Cain who have taken over the role of the Serpent in trying to destroy the Adamic creation or mix it out of existence.

Now in regards to the race of Cain being kicked out of Europe. How do they retaliate? The Serpent casts out a flood to try to wipe out the remnant of seed of the woman. Initially this was the Islamic conquests. When it failed and especially when Europeans began colonizing the whole world, a new strategy was needed. Today it’s called immigration. Christ’s Revelation helps us identity who is who. Here finally it explains that they will continue to try out the Christian people who in the early verse ad described as the remnant of the woman. Well what people and which nations are bring flooded? Those must both the Israelites and what’s left of the Adamic race. Now back to Genesis

In Genesis 6, we learn that the Adamites didn’t learn the lesson from Adam’s fall and began mixing again. This results in Yahweh commanding Noah to build an ark. The flood destroys all of Adamkind except Noah and his family. As we’ve explained the Hebrew word Erets just means land but it’s translated as earth or world numerous times which creates a false perception the whole world was flooded. One verse which helps support is verse 12, where it is explained that all the animals died and every man, that Adam, wherever the breath of life was. Yahweh only breathed a living spirit into Adam. So the flood is only where adamkind or the breath of life was at this time. Nephilim outside of these region survived. For this reason after the flood as explained later in Genesis we still have Nephilim, Giants and the kennites or Race of Cain that survived. Where else could they have come from? Noah was pure, logically they must have survived the flood and yes they are still around us today.

But also here, the only law at this point was not to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, which was the law punishable with death. Thus the great flood must have been the death penalty for breaking this law. Since the Adamites were mixing with the Fallen Angels with further evidence that the sin of eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil can only be mixing which is punishable by death, and not eating an apple or something silly like that.

Yahweh punishes His children and not bastards, as Paul says in Hebrews. That is why a day of vengeance is reserved for these aliens. Yahweh chastises His children, and reserves vengeance for His enemies so that He may make known the wealth of his honor upon Israel – as Paul explained in Romans 9.

After the flood through Noah’s three sons. Adamkind is given a second chance to fulfill Yahweh’s original commission for Adamkind. To multiply, trample down the Nephilim races and subdue the earth. Once again they fail and begin mixing. Furthermore as a result they stray away from the one true God into the pagan religions of the Nephilim. For this reason Yahweh calls Abraham out of this pagan world. He chooses one man just like Noah to restart civilization. It is crucial to understand this part, as their is a logical build up to the reason for the call of Abraham. If not Yahweh would have to once again flood the world and restart, but he promised Noah that he wouldn’t.

The key part to the call of Abraham, which most Christians overlook. Is the promises Yahweh made were all unconditional. The burden of keeping the promises, that Abraham seed would become many nations, as numerous as the stars, that Kings would come from his seed etc. All of this Yahweh had to keep no matter what.

Yahweh swore by Himself, in effect meaning that if He would ever fail He would cease to exist. This Paul mentions in Hebrews, and because Yahweh is perfect and can’t fail on any of His promises, this covenant is a firm anchor on the souls of any biological descendant of Abraham today.

When Yahweh leads Abraham’s descendants, the Israelites out of Egypt, giving them the law at mount Sinai, this was the new beginning. Now Yahweh would solely focus on one family, the Israelites. Adamkind had been given freedom to govern themselves and overcome the Nephilim races but they failed. The Israelites were given stricter laws to build a civilization amongst a Pagan world. As Yahweh had given up on the rest of the Adamic race, they would either be replaced and absorbed into the Israelites nations promised to come or they would be overrun by the Nephilim. We see this especially with the Arabia conquest of the Middle East. As for the Israelites, Yahweh would chastise them to ensure they kept the laws. If they obeyed they would blessed, but if they disobeyed they to would be overrun by the Nephilim races as punishment. But they always had room to repent and Yahweh would heal their nations once more.

Now moving to Joshua. As the Israelites invaded the land of Canaan, they were commanded to wipe out the Canaanites and given an opportunity to wipe the Nephilim races once and for all. But our ancestors failed. Once they took possession of the lands and were comfortable, they instead put the surviving Canaanites under tribute. For this utter failure we still suffer today. We can only imagine that if they of obeyed Yahweh, the Israelites would keep expanding and wipe out them out. Although they failed Yahweh will not fail. As Christ explained when he returns all the goat nations are going into the lake of fire.

Yahweh had promised Moses rest for the people if they succeeded in the conquests, but they failed and therefore didn’t achieve the conquests. This is why Paul writes in Hebrews that Joshua failed to give them rest, but Yahshua (the second Joshua and who shares His name) will give us rest, and He will not fail to destroy these enemies. Israel was released out of captivity in Egypt and was led into conquest by a man named Joshua. Israel now awaits to be released from captivity in Mystery Babylon, and to be led into conquest by a man named Joshua again – that is Yahshua Christ.

Initially the Israelites had no ruler over them. Yahweh was their God but also the defacto King of Israel. As a result more or less, nobody was tyrannized and as the Bible describes “everyone did what they thought was right.” However this not stop the Israelite sinning, especially as the surviving Canaanites amongst them corrupted them. In a nutshell, the Bible explains you would get a good generation, then the next generation would begin to sin, which would result in Yahweh chastising them. Such as the Canaanites or Philistines rising up against the Israelites for a while. Only for the Israelites to repent and cry to Yahweh. Then Yahweh would rise up a judge to deliver them. Then for a while you would get a good generation, only for the next generation to start sliding back and the whole cycle to start again. Is it important to understand this, as it leads on to the next part of the story.

To break out of this cycle. Our ancestors demanded a King to rule over them. Which the Yahweh declared was turning away from Yahweh and instead turning to an earthly King. The Israelites imagined by having a King, he would deal with all the surrounding hostile nations. This way the Israelites could live however they wanted and couldn’t be chastised, i.e. invaded by the foreign nations. Yahweh explained the reality of the situation, that having a King rule over them would not be as smooth as they imagined. A King would inevitably become a tyrant and when the Israelites cried out because of this, he would not answer them. This is a crucial part of the story of the Bible, as this is the reason us Europeans have been tyrannized by Kings and earthly authorities up to this day for thousands of years. So when people ask why does God allow bad things to happen? Firstly he chastises our nations for sin, but also importantly our ancestors choice doomed us to earthly authorities. Just like how Adam’s choice brought death into the world, the Israelites choice of a King meant never-ending tyrannies reigning over us. This is all a part of our learning for this life as Solomon puts it is an “exercise in vanity” – and it prepares the people for obedience in the Kingdom.

Eventually the Israelites in the land of Canaan grew so decadent and mixing prevalent, which inevitably lead to Yahweh deporting the Israelites. This was a punishment but also the only way to save our ancestors. By deporting them, the Israelites were separated from the evil Canaanites and also humbled. Yahweh did not abandon His people and promised them they would overcome the nations to wherever they were scattered. It not did not take long for them rise up where they had been deported to. They became the mighty Cimmerians, Galatae and Scythians. Eventually they overran Europe, even bringing down the Roman Empire and have dominated Europe and then the whole world ever since.

However they had become Pagans as they no longer had a shepherd, Yahweh leading them. (Sheep scattered abroad) For this Yahweh promised he would come after them such as in Hosea. As we’ve explained Yahweh’s relationship with His people was like a husband and wife. The deportations were a divorce, as the Israelites had whored themselves out with the other alien nations, mixing with them and worshipping their gods. As a result they were a cheating wife and the law states a husband cannot take back a wife who has committed adultery (duet 24:1-4). So Yahweh came down as a man and died on the cross, this way the wife, the Israelites were freed from the husband. As technically a cheating wife was under the death penalty. But if the husband died, then there was no accusers and she was free from the penalty. Christ was resurrected and now he could remarry His people the Israelites.

Christianity spread to Europe and the Israelites were reunited with their god. The next important part of understanding the Bible. Is Yahweh’s promise was if the Israelites returned to him under Christ, they would once again be elevated on top of the world. They would be blessed with great nations and come to dominate the world as they once had done in the land of Canaan. We Europeans did return to Yahweh and did come to obey His commandments once more. Europe has been the center of civilization ever since. However the Canaanites followed us into Europe and infiltrated our great nations. Gradually over the centuries corrupting them all over again. As a result making our nations decadent again and turning us away from Yahweh. Therefore we have voided the promise of being blessed and elevated. We have returned back to the sinful state we were when we were deported by the Assyrians. As a result we are being punished by being overrun by aliens. The only way out of this is to once again turn back to Yahweh.

Since most of our people are deceived, this is a tough message to spread. The few of us who are somewhat awake and fed up with our nations being flood and the decline of our society as a result, don’t like the message we are spreading. If you say we must repent you will no doubt be criticized as doing nothing. That just sitting round doing nothing and praying to God is not going to get us anywhere. Or sitting around waiting for Christ to save us is a trick to make us do nothing. However this a complete misunderstanding of the true message. We are in this situation because we have become decadent and a sinful nations turning away from our God.

If you are watching tv, the football, Netflix, playing video games and engulfed in the pop culture the antichrist have forced upon us. How can you truly want change? All of the above is idolatry. It one of the many reasons we as Europeans are being punished by Yahweh. Our people who are engulfed enjoy the society, what they really want is to rewind our society by 50 years. They want to go back to better times and continue living in sin just as they are now. What they fail to grasp as living that way will always inevitably lead to a nation declining to the state we are in now.

But furthermore there are key overreaching prophecies are playing out and cannot change. We are in the time of Jacob’s trouble which was destined to occur after the end of the seven times punishment. As we’ve explained the deported Israelites would undergo seven times punishment of 360 years. Which works to be 2520 years. The Assyrian deportations started around 720 BC, so if you do maths it brings us to around 1800 AD. This was when the beginning of the so called age of liberty. Where many revolutions took place and nobility was ended. Europe no longer was ruled by tyrants. However we have found ourselves in a far worse situation as now the Edomites rule over with their international banking system.

This is one of many End Times prophecies that were going to happen. We’ve mentioned all of these, but a quick recap. Issac blessed Esau, that Jacob’s descendants would rule over him, but one day the situation would become reversed. We are in that moment right now. This is also the time of Jacob’s trouble, because Esau it trying to wipe out Jacob. This is also Christ’s warning that the end times will be like the days of Noah, Adamites being overwhelmed by Nephilim once again. This is also Jeremiah’s the seed of Adam becoming mixed with the seed of Beast. This is also Ezekiel’s and Revelation prophecies of the Israelites being overrun and flooded by Aliens. All of this had to happen as when Christ returns he is saving His people. We see his is saving us primarily from the actions of Esau’s descendants who also killed Christ.

Overall two things should stand out. One we must realize who we are and remember out Israelite identity. And two we must turn back to Yahweh our shepherd and repent. We are promised one day this will happen and that is the purpose of this 100 Proofs video, which I pray is part of Yahweh’s plan to play a part in helping our people come to the truth. Praise Yahweh and thanks for watching. Please do share these videos and you can download them at Christogenea.

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