100 Proofs the Israelites Were White Video Series:

Where are The Israelites in the New Testament? – In EUROPE!

This is an Audiobook of “The House of Israel in the new Testament” by Mrs K D Gage, narrated by Blood and Creed.

This booklet, published by The covenant publishing Co, seems to be a transcript of a sermon or lecture which I am unfortunately unable to locate the audio for, so i decided to simply narrate it myself, with a few alterations (which I will clearly announce). because it seems to be a transcript of a sermon, the manner in which it was written is a tad jarring, so a few small grammatical changes have been made for the sake of smoother narration.

I would recommend the listener purchase this book because it contains several helpful diagrams and maps.

The first amendment I will make in this audiobook reading is, occasionally when scripture is cited, I will read the verses from the Christogenea new testament, by William Finck, instead of the cited King James version. I do this because i strongly believe that the King James version botches or corrupts key ethnographical terms which are critical to an accurate understanding of the Israel identity message. William Finck’s justification for his particular translations based on the earliest original manuscripts can be found in lengthy commentaries found at

Secondly, in the few instances where the book text reads ’10 tribes of Israel’, i offer a suggestion that all twelve tribes were in question. In the times of Christ and the apostolic missions to the nations, Israel indeed had the better part of ALL TWELVE tribes scattered abroad, and a much smaller remnant of the 12 tribes existed in the geographical area of Judea, though it is true that the preponderance of the race of Israel in Judea after the clemency of Cyrus bade them return, were indeed from the tribes of Judah, Benjamin & Levi, whereas the other 9 tribes were probably much less represented. 

The author, unfortunately, holds the view that the people claiming to be the Israelites today were the Tribe of Judah, Benjamin & Levi that were commissioned by Christ to take the Gospels to the rest of Israel scattered abroad, and it is these precise few sentences that I have opted to omit from reading, so as to avert some serious misunderstandings about our holy bible.

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