Lost Tribes

The Lost Tribes of Israel

100 Proofs The Israelites Were White Parts 81-90

Throughout the Bible we frequently see the terms house, nation and family used in relation to the children of Israel. It never changes, even in the New Testament it does not come believers or a spiritual Israel as denominational churches will insist. Christ himself explicitly stated: “I come only for the Lost Sheep of the house of Israel.” Note here that a house is referring to a family. Therefore if Christ had only come for the family of Israel, every over statement he made throughout his ministry must line up, be consistent and interpreted through this statement. When Christs says “Anyone” or “All who believe” it must be within the scope of the family of Israel. In other words any from the children of Israel who believe. If not Christ’s would be contradicting himself as he would have come for other people besides only the house of Israel. Few people consider these implications. Of course Paul quoting Isaiah, in Romans explains that: “For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.” Ultimately every Israelite in this life or the next, they will bow and they will believe in Christ in the end.

Where Are The Kings of Judah Today? – In Europe!

The Kings of Judah were prophesied to always be ruling over the children of Israel. Furthermore David’s line on the throne, meaning his descendants were promised to last forever. So where are these Kings of Judah? Where were his everlasting dynasties? They were in Europe, ruling over the Europeans who are the Israelites.

This video shows some of the genealogies and family trees. Including both the Zarah and Pharez lines which came from Judah. Both had distinct dynasties and kingdoms. Eventually the two trees merged together. 

The Giants Found in Sardinia

Many Giant remains have been discovered on the Island of Sardinia. Some of these Giants measure up to an astonishing 10 feet tall. The likely explanation of how these giants got there, is that a remnant of Giants fled to Sardinia during Joshua’s invasion of the land of Canaan around 1400 BC. The Giants were wiped out in the land of Canaan, although not all of the Canaanites were. This is a decent video, which shows some of the evidence. It makes one crucial error, in linking the Phoenicians with the Canaanites. The Phoenicians only appeared after Joshua’s invasion. The Phoenicians were the Israelites who settled the coasts and became a great sea-faring nation as prophesied in the Bible.

The BIGGEST Identity Theft in History

The Europeans are the direct descendants of the Israelites from the Bible. They are the many Nations that Abraham’s seed was promised to become. The people today who claim to be the people of the Bible are nothing but impostors. They are really the race of Cain masquerading as the chosen people. The story of how this identify theft takes some reading and this video explains it clearly. 

The pre-Islamic World and the Destruction of Classical Civilization

The Middle East originally was populated by Adamic Civilizations. The Assyrians, Persians, Medes and many others. Originally these civilizations were white but gradually went off into paganism degraded. In the 5th to 6th centuries AD, the Arab world overran these former Adamic civilizations and the demographics were changed forever. Additionally the Arabs pushed into Northern Africa, Spain even reaching southern France. Much later the Turks pushed into Anatolia and East Europe once again changing the demographics of those peoples forever. The former Adamic civilizations are gone forever.