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The Gospel of John – Christogenea New Testament – Audiobook

The account of John the Apostle bears a unique purpose among the four Gospels; emphasizing the divinity of Christ and His personal relationship with His people. This audiobook is a reading of the Christogenea New Testament, translated by William Finck.

The CNT (which we are not the translator of) is unique in its integrity to the grammar of Biblical Greek, striving towards rendering the language with honesty and practicality.

The Christogenea New Testament can be found here:

From the Christogenea commentary on the Gospel of John:

“As was our practice when we translated every book of the Christogenea New Testament, we only counted as worthy sources manuscripts which dated no later than the 6th century, disregarding everything belonging to a later date. Using the oldest manuscripts as a starting point, we considered not only the readings of the oldest manuscripts, but where they differ, both the immediate context and the Biblical context in general, in order to arrive at what we thought was the most reasonable probable reading of the original Greek. No single ancient manuscript can be ascertained to be perfect, and the value of some of the Great Uncials even changes from book to book, or so it seems to us in retrospect. There is also a danger, that because all such decisions are arbitrary, therefore we must understand that no translation is ever going to be perfect, since none of the manuscripts handed down to us can be esteemed as having empirical authority.”

This translation is also unique in that it excludes the account of the woman caught in sin, which is an interpolation not found in the earliest manuscripts.

I apologize if there are any errors in my audio narration of this book, for I am only a man. I hope you enjoy it.

Read the CNT here:
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Chapter 1: 00:00.
Chapter 2: 00:09:12.
Chapter 3: 00:13:11.
Chapter 4: 00:19:37.
Chapter 5: 00:29:09.
Chapter 6: 00:36:45.
Chapter 7: 00:48:38.
Chapter 8: 00:56:39.
Chapter 9: 01:05:39.
Chapter 10: 01:12:36.
Chapter 11: 01:19:06.
Chapter 12: 01:28:50.
Chapter 13: 01:37:10.
Chapter 14: 01:44:11.
Chapter 15: 01:50:06.
Chapter 16: 01:54:55.
Chapter 17: 02:00:57.
Chapter 18: 02:05:44.
Chapter 19: 02:13:40.
Chapter 20: 02:22:21.
Chapter 21: 02:28:11.

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