Where Are The Kings of Judah Today? – In Europe!

The Kings of Judah were prophesied to always be ruling over the children of Israel. Furthermore David’s line on the throne, meaning his descendants were promised to last forever. So where are these Kings of Judah? Where were his everlasting dynasties? They were in Europe, ruling over the Europeans who are the Israelites.

This video shows some of the genealogies and family trees. Including both the Zarah and Pharez lines which came from Judah. Both had distinct dynasties and kingdoms. Eventually the two trees merged together. 

The Giants Found in Sardinia

Many Giant remains have been discovered on the Island of Sardinia. Some of these Giants measure up to an astonishing 10 feet tall. The likely explanation of how these giants got there, is that a remnant of Giants fled to Sardinia during Joshua’s invasion of the land of Canaan around 1400 BC. The Giants were wiped out in the land of Canaan, although not all of the Canaanites were. This is a decent video, which shows some of the evidence. It makes one crucial error, in linking the Phoenicians with the Canaanites. The Phoenicians only appeared after Joshua’s invasion. The Phoenicians were the Israelites who settled the coasts and became a great sea-faring nation as prophesied in the Bible.

What Really Happened in the Garden of Eden?

Understanding the fall was of Adam was caused by race-mixing, is the key to understanding Genesis. Genesis is heavily written in parables but by reading the rest of the Bible, you can piece together what truly happened. The Serpent is an allegory for the Fallen Angels and a Fallen Angel was there in the Garden with Adam and Eve. This Fallen Angel seduced Eve and the result was Cain. Adam accepted Eve back and that was his sin, which caused his fall and the fall of all adamkind. The rest of the Bible is his descendants, through Seth against the race of Cain.

The Parable of the Wheat and Tares

Christ’s parables reveal the fates and destinies all the peoples in the world. One group, the sheep, are destined to go to heaven, the other group, the goats, are destined for the lake of fire. It is therefore crucial to identify which race is the sheep and which race is the goats. Understanding the Europeans are the Israelites and destined in the End Times to be overrun and flooded with goats, should also make it clear who is who.

The BIGGEST Identity Theft in History

The Europeans are the direct descendants of the Israelites from the Bible. They are the many Nations that Abraham’s seed was promised to become. The people today who claim to be the people of the Bible are nothing but impostors. They are really the race of Cain masquerading as the chosen people. The story of how this identify theft takes some reading and this video explains it clearly. 

The 1000 Year Reign and Jacob’s Trouble

The 1000 Year Reign in Revelation is Europe turning Christian for a thousand years. This is where Christ reigned over us. It also coincides with the time Satan was bound in prison. The descendants of Cain were bound and barred from Christian society and locked out. Both of these periods eventually came to an end came to an end simultaneously around the time of the French Revolution. Europe became liberal and began turning away from Christianity and the descendants Cain were emancipated and set free into our society. Now we are ruled over by their banking system and Christianity is gradually being purged from existence.

The pre-Islamic World and the Destruction of Classical Civilization

The Middle East originally was populated by Adamic Civilizations. The Assyrians, Persians, Medes and many others. Originally these civilizations were white but gradually went off into paganism degraded. In the 5th to 6th centuries AD, the Arab world overran these former Adamic civilizations and the demographics were changed forever. Additionally the Arabs pushed into Northern Africa, Spain even reaching southern France. Much later the Turks pushed into Anatolia and East Europe once again changing the demographics of those peoples forever. The former Adamic civilizations are gone forever.

Abraham A Father of Many Nations

Abraham A Father of Many Nations

Abraham is the forefather of the Europeans. Yahweh promised Abraham, his seed would become many nations. This was passed down through Isaac, through to Jacob. This was fulfilled initially in the twelve tribes of Israel that formed and later the many nations that they became in Europe. From Europe they spread across the entire world!

The Adamic Civilization

The Adamic Civilization

This video shows the Adamic civilizations that blossomed after Noah’s Ark. Which all originated from his 3 sons, Shem, Ham and Japeth. It also shows with maps the rough regions their descendants spread in to and the lands they occupied.  Then later the Biblical Kingdom that God made to gradually replace the rest of the Adamic race. It also gives a brief overview of the Lost Trbies/Scythian migrations from the Middle East into Europe.