100 Proofs The Israelites Were White Part 14

Proof 14 - The True Meaning of the Hebrew Word Arab

Many of our modern English words as well as words in other European languages originate from the ancient Hebrew language our ancestors spoke thousands of years ago. Since we are the same people this is exactly what one would expect. This is yet another fact that is deliberately ignored in today’s world. Therefore many of our words’ meanings and origins would be better understood if we examined the ancient Hebrew word sources to see how the word was formed and the original intended meaning. One such example is the Hebrew word Arab. The word Arab is a Hebrew word and originates from the Hebrew language. Most people have no idea of this origin, nor do they know that the meaning of the word as a verb is “to become evening” or “to grow dark”, but also as a verb “to combine” or “to mix”, therefore when referring to people it kept that original meaning. So let’s explain how this came about.

First we should explain that Hebrew had a much smaller vocabulary compared with modern English. Meaning a smaller pool of words were used with diverse meanings and one would need to read the context of a sentence of a paragraph to know which meaning was being implied. For example as we’ve mentioned previously the Hebrew word Adam, which has several meanings, could be used as a verb for a man or object turning red, a noun for a man or woman descended from Adam, a proper noun for the first man Adam, or as an adjective describing something red or a man or woman as ruddy. Whilst today in English we would instead use completely different words such as blushing, man or mankind, Adam and ruddy

As we’ve explained previously, because the word Adam was used for all these various meanings, from this we can immediately deduce that Adam was a white ruddy man, who could blush. As well all of his descendants. If the word Adam is used to describe someone as ruddy, to blush, then logically Adam himself would have those same characteristics himself. If not, then why would Adam be used as a word in that context?

So now with that in mind we shall examine the Hebrew word Arab closer. Like Adam the word Arab had various meanings. However some were derived meanings which came later in history. If we examine Strong’s definitions of the word Arab. Please note that in Strong’s dictionary he divided every meaning of words into separate categories or numbers. But they are still just one word.

The core meaning of Arab, Strong’s 6150 as a verb is to become evening, or grow dark, but also Strong’s 6151 as a verb to combine or to mix. Both of these meanings are connected to Strong’s 6154 the noun version of the word which in modern Hebrew is pronounced Ereb, but it’s still the same word Arab. Which means a mixture or when referring to people, a mixed peoples, Eventually, Strong’s 6152, we see it also came to refer as a proper name to certain mixed people living in the former lands of Cush they gained the name Arabs and the land was renamed to Arabia. And if we go back to Strong’s explanation of Arab and Arabia we see that it was understood in the past what the word meant and why it was named that and why the people were named that.

It also refers to the Arab people and has other meanings which we will get to shortly. We have to wonder why the Israelites would have called these people Arabs? The answer is very simple, because they were a mixed people who had grown dark. Therefore the word which means to mix, or mixed was a general name they must have interfered on to people who had become mixed and got darker. Since as we explained in the last proof that the lands of Arabia which had formerly been the lands of Cush had become an amalgamation of numerous tribes and origins blended together and thus the word Arab was an appropriate term for them.

By this knowledge alone and also especially when you consider that the Israelites described themselves as being white like milk, being ruddy like rubies, so just like Adam, and polished like sapphires, sapphires are blue, it’s the blue veins visible on white people.

“Her Nazarites were purer than snow, they were whiter than milk, they were more ruddy in body than rubies, their polishing was of sapphire.” Lamentations 4:7 KJV

With this it should immediately come to the conclusion that the Israelites were a non-mixed people and distinguished themselves from the mixed fringes of society such as in Cush, and Egypt and Ethiopia which were gradually becoming mixed and being overrun. When White people mix with other races, the result is never white, but rather, it is something darker than white. When we look at Arabs and see that they are essentially whites mixed with darker races, falling somewhere in between and thus rightfully could be considered mixed darker people. It is perfectly logical to come to the realization that the Israelites were white.

Now what is interesting is that if we search online to ascertain the meaning of Arab we get a different meaning. These are the results that are pushed to the top from various websites. They deceive us by linking it to a different Hebrew word “aravah” which means “desert” or “steppe.” Thus they are cunningly claiming Arabs were called Arabs because they lived in Arabia which was a desert. In other words they were named after the region they lived in.

“In Hebrew. In Hebrew the words ʿarav’ and ʿaravah’ literally mean ‘desert’ or ‘steppe.’ In the Hebrew Bible the latter feminine form is used exclusively for the Arabah, a region associated with the Nabateans, who spoke Arabic …It is typically translated as Arabian or Arab and is the modern Hebrew word for Arab.” Google Search for “Arab”

The truth is they were called Arabs because they were mixed, and the land became known as Arabia because it was the land full of mixed people. As for the land, it gradually deteriorated over centuries and became an inhospitable desert. This should be no surprise as Yahweh claimed he would curse the lands where non-Adamics dwelt and we’ll cover this topic in a later Proof.

But now let’s delve deeper into the root meaning of the Hebrew word Arab. In Strong’s Concordance it rightly connects the word Arab to a root Hebrew word which is “Ereb” (Strong’s #6153) which means evening, night, sunset, twilight. But it also means mixture or mixed company. Additionally it meant woof. When weaving, knitting and sewing fabrics together, the warp would be the thread line downwards and the woof would be the thead line sideways. Therefore by woofing a fabric would, it would technically be mixing two lines of fabric together for example to make a shirt. 

So overall a word which describes the sun going down and day turning to night, or light to dark, as well as mixed company, mixed people or mixing fabrics together. This is the origin of the Hebrew word “Arab” which means mixed.

Again logically speaking European looking people could apply this term to any European looking people who mixed with darker looking people. Their offspring would have grown darker and become mixed. Thus we can understand why our Israelite ancestors used such words and terminology to describe these people and especially their descendants throughout future generations. Again we can also realize the Israelites must have been white.

Now we shall examine all the Bible passages where the words Arab and Ereb are used:

The first instance is when Moses and Aaron lead the Israelites out of Egypt, which would have been around 1450 BC. Here it states that a mixed multitude followed them. Perhaps it could have been better translated as a “dark horde” followed them. If people followed them who had become mixed and grown darker, logically speaking the Israelite must have been white. Also a side note the Israelites were going to Succoth which means the places of tents. This is where the name Scythia and Scythians is derived from again proving the Scythians were Israelites who dwelt in tents at that time.

“And the children of Israel journeyed from Rameses to Succoth, about six hundred thousand on foot that were men, beside children. And a mixed multitude went up also with them; and flocks, and herds, even very much cattle” Exodus 12:37-38.

It should be noted that Egypt, although they were Mizraim, had been bringing in slaves from Sub-Saharan Africa. Thus there were mixed people there at the time. As we explained in the Proof 13, Cush (Ethiopia) was also doing this and would eventually over the centuries lead to their ultimate demise and irreversible darkening.

Furthermore, if we examine Daniel’s prophecy to Nebuchadnezzar, where he explained Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, of seeing a great stature and how it was revealing the future kingdoms to come. Here he explains the future kingdoms after the Babylonians will be the Persians, then the Greeks then the Romans. But interestingly he also reveals what will ultimately cause the downfall of Rome. Although it should be no surprise as it is the same thing that has caused every great past Empire to fall.

First Daniel links the Roman Empire to having two legs, this is predicting the eventual split of the Empire into a West and an East. Next Daniel describes the Empire as having ten toes, this would be the ten senatorial provinces within the Roman Empire. That the Romans, or at least some of the provinces within the Roman Empire especially, will mingle themselves with non Adamites, thus some provinces would remain stronger but others becoming weaker and weaker. Here iron is linked to Adamites, or more particularly Israelites in this case and non-Adamites as clay.

“And as the toes of the feet were part of iron, and part of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong, and partly broken.” Daniel 2:42 KJV

Daniel continues, explaining that the iron will mix with the clay. The word for mix here is Arab, so the iron or Israelites will mix with the clay meaning non Adamites. You can’t mix iron and clay, it will just become brittle and that is exactly what happened. Next where it says mingle themselves with the seed of men, the word for men is Enosh, it’s no Adam. Enosh frequently refers to non-Adamites so again it’s explaining what happened.

And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.” Daniel 2:43 KJV

The province of Rome especially, and here I mean the nation of Italia, began bringing in more and more slaves from alien nations, particularly North Africa and Judea after it was decimated. Eventually by around 200AD all slaves were granted Roman citizenship. This meant that Romans were free to intermarry with them. Within a century the Roman stock had degenerated quickly. The Germanic tribes gradually weathered down the weakening Empire.

Moving on by around 500 BC onwards, the Israelites which had returned from Babylon after 70 years to the ancient lands of Israel and began rebuilding the temple. However during their 70 years absence other tribes had moved into the lands. The prophet Nehemiah was shocked to find that some of the Israelites had begun to mix and intermarry with these other tribes. The prophet Nehemiah read the law to them and commanded the Israelites to separate from their mixed wives and children.

 “Now it came to pass, when they had heard the law, that they separated from Israel all the mixed multitude” Nehemiah 13:3 KJV.

So overall we see that the Israelites were commanded to separate from mixed multitudes and we shall now show that the Israelites were in fact meant to be a separate people all together. This commandment has never ceased and this applies today.

Ultimately we can see that the Israelites had the same mindset as our European ancestors used to have against mixing throughout all time and that is simply because we’re the same people. The demographics were changing, mixing, darkening in all the surrounding nations back then and the Israelites noticed that. They could no longer identify the former Adamic nations such as Cush and thus they named them Arabs. Today the same thing is gradually happening all around us. But this time in our own nations with the goal of undermining and slowly withering away Christendom and the people of Christ all together. Without Europeans there would be no Christianity and that because we are the Israelites.

100 Proofs the Israelites were WHITE
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