Do we all descend from Adam and Eve?

One question that often arises from reading the Bible, is do we all descend from Adam? If so, then how is that possible? There are many different races across the world, yet Adam was clearly one race. And since Eve was created out of Adam, their descendants would be one race. So how can Adam be the father of everyone? How on earth does that make sense? Is there another possibility? Could some people have a different origin? An origin not with Adam and not even with God, but an origin with the rebellion of the Fallen Angels and their offspring the Nephilim? Well let’s have a close look through the Bible and see what it truly tells us.

Here I shall present a series of slides made by Blood & Creed, he sent them and I wanted to put them together into a video for him as they were well made and answered the very question we just asked about Adam.

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