Ruth was NOT a Moabite

Ruth is known as “Ruth the Moabite.” Does this mean she was a bastard? Did David have a bastard in his ancestry? Did Christ also therefore have a bastard in his ancestry? It is important that we defend Ruth – because in doing so, we defend Christ also.

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The Gospel of John – Christogenea New Testament – Audiobook

The account of John the Apostle bears a unique purpose among the four Gospels; emphasizing the divinity of Christ and His personal relationship with His people. This audiobook is a reading of the Christogenea New Testament, translated by William Finck. The CNT (which we are not the translator of) is unique in its integrity to the grammar of Biblical Greek, striving towards rendering the language with honesty and practicality.

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Should we be Baptized?

We understand that Christ was baptized so that Levitical laws pertaining to the sacrifice would be fulfilled. But why did the apostles baptize? Should we still be baptized today?

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