100 Proofs the Israelites Were White Video Series:

Did The Hebrews Really "Fear the Sea"?

By Steve Collins

Here the Author Steven Collins challenges the ridiculous assertion that the Hebrews were not a maritime people. Did the Israelites really conquer all of the land of Canaan, including all the port cities, only to never set sail in the Mediterranean.

Collins covers some of the prophecies which insist the Hebrews would indeed take to the sea. Of course if it was realized that Europe was colonized by the Israelites, then obviously people would realize the Europeans are the Israelites.

All modern science is a fraud, which ridicule basic common sense and invent insane theories to divert away from the basic truth. We are the people of the Bible. The narrator here also offers some notes connecting the notorious Phoenicians to the Israelite’s, something that the author Steven Collins fails to do here. Narrated by Blood & Creed.

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