100 Proofs the Israelites Were White Video Series:

Ch.1 History of Australia & New Zealand

AUDIOBOOK- ‘The history of Australia and nw zealand from 1606 to 1890, Written by Alex sutherland, Chapter 1 (PART 1)

This will be apart of an ongoing series, presenting one self contained chapter at a time.

This is a detailed history of the discovery of Australia and New Zealand and these nations colonization up until 1890. The role of convicts and natives are discussed although most of the history involves the political, social, and economic development of the two countries. It presents an unbiased general history.

This first chapter discusses some of the early Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch maritime crews who happened upon Australia’s shores, with it’s often times vast and terrible aspect. Typically with little bearings, they seldom waded onshore until the advent of a brave Buccaneer turned official British Government expeditioner, William Dampier, who with his famous accounts of Australia, dispelled much of the mystery surrounding this great antipodean land, Even though he gave a biased account of its grimness due to his landing in a particularly inhospitable strip in Western Australia. Also discussed is the early designs of the British admiralty’s colonization ambitions.

Alexander Sutherland (1852-1902) was a Scottish- Australian educator, writer and philosopher. Sutherland did a large amount of literary work. He was responsible for the first volume only of Victoria and its Metropolis, published in 1888, an interesting history of the first 50 years of the state of Victoria. In 1890 he published Thirty Short Poems, the cultured verse of an experienced literary man, but his most important book was The Origin and Growth of the Moral Instinct, which appeared in 1898 in two volumes. George Sutherland (1855-1905), a writer, was born in Scotland. He was taken to Australia in 1864 and graduated from the University of Melbourne. After teaching for some time he took up journalism and worked for the South Australian Register from 1881 to 1902, after which he joined the Melbourne Age. His works include: Tales of the Goldfields (1880), Australia; or, England in the South (1886), The South Australian Company (1898) and Twentieth Century Inventions (1901). With his brother, Alexander Sutherland, he wrote The History of Australia and New Zealand from 1606 to 1890 (1894), which attained a sale of 120,000 copies.

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