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One of the biggest mysteries of the Bible, is where did the 12 Lost Tribes of Israel go to? The purpose of this website is to answer that very question, to spread the truth that the Israelites were never lost and never disappeared, but in fact migrated into Europe under different names. These names range from Scythians, Cimerians, Sakea, Saxons, Angles, Jutes, Danes, Franks, Frisians or can be grouped as the Germanic, Teutonic, Celtic, Gothic and Nordic peoples. The point is the people of the Old Testament are the exact same people as the New Testament. The European people who as a whole accepted Christianity are the genetic descendants of the Israelites. The Bible is our family book and our history. We deserve to know our heritage!

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The enigma of the 12 Lost Tribes of Israel has puzzled Bible scholars for centuries. Millions of Israelites just simply vanished, were lost and disappeared from history forever, never to be seen or heard of again. That's what the scholars claim, at least. Whilst around the same time period millions of people just magically appeared out of no where and became what we now generally call the Germanic tribes. I’m sure this is all just a big coincidence. Right? Welcome to the first part of a new series where we will uncover the truth of where each tribe of Israel is located today, where we will examine all the evidence, explore all the clues, uncover the lost history and piece together what everything we can find. We will start with the Tribe of Dan.
The amazing ancestry of Odin, his sons and their descendants. Many of the European Kings can trace their linage back all the way to Odin going back centuries. This leaves the question who was Odin? Where did Odin come from? Where does the right of Kings comes from? The simple truth is Odin was one of the Kings of Judah around 200 AD who was leading the lost tribes of Israel through Europe. The Scythians, Goths, Germanic tribes are all the same people under different names. He made his sons Kings over different regions and nations which made him a legendary figure.
When God himself came down in the flesh as a man he revealed secrets hidden from the beginning of the world of which some were revealed in parables. This was so amongst other reasons that arrogant men would be blinded whilst those who were humble and sought out the holy spirit of Christ would have their eyes opened and the truth revealed to them. Even today preachers, politicians, so called wise men are still completely blind to the truth and absolutely do not understand the bible. So here are the top 10 parables of Jesus Christ explained.
Post Views: 13 This video shows an approximate ancestry of Julius Caesar going back to roughly 2000BC. It follows his paternal side only. There are a few gaps. The pictures used are merely a representation. In this article I will also provide his maternal side as well.
One of the biggest mysteries of the Bible, is where did the 12 Lost Tribes of Israel go to? The answer is simple they migrated to Europe. Here we shall uncover the lost history and hidden secrets that are purposely kept hidden to cover up the truth.
Post Views: 12 Comments () 10 AMAZING Facts about the APOSTLES Jesus Christ was on earth he chose 12 men to be his personal disciples. They followed him, learned from him and were trained by him. Despite being in the very presence of Christ our Lord they were but mere ordinary men whom God …