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One of the biggest mysteries of the Bible, is where did the 12 Lost Tribes of Israel go to? Did they just disappear? The purpose of this website is to answer that very question, to spread the truth that the Israelites were never lost and never disappeared, but in fact migrated into Europe under different names. These names range from the Scythians, Cimerians, Sakea, Gaulic, Celtic, Germanic Tribes. They eventually split up destroyed the Roman Empire and became the Saxons, Angles, Jutes, Danes, Franks, Frisians, Goths and many other related tribes and peoples. The point is the people of the Old Testament are the exact same people as the New Testament. The European people, who as a whole accepted Christianity, are in fact the genetic descendants of the Israelites. The Bible is our family book and our history. We deserve to know our heritage!

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100 Proofs Part 15

100 Proofs The Israelites Were White – Part 15

Many people these days wonder what Yahshua (or Jesus) looked like. In fact, His appearance and race are becoming hotly debated topics these days. But it should be a straightforward answer. So what did Jesus look like? This question really shouldn't ...
100 Proofs Part 14

100 Proofs The Israelites Were White – Part 14

Many of our modern English words as well as words in other European languages originate from the ancient Hebrew language our ancestors spoke thousands of years ago. Since we are the same people this is exactly what one would expect. This is yet ...
Do we all Descend From Adam and Eve?

Do we all Descend From Adam and Eve?

One question that often arises from reading the Bible, is do we all descend from Adam? If so, then how is that possible? There are many different races across the world, yet Adam was clearly one race. And since Eve was created out of Adam, their ...
100 Proofs Thumbnail 10b

100 Proofs The Israelites Were White – Part 10B

The Hebrew alphabet and sounds evolved to form English, and these slides will show how that happened. Our letters came from Hebrew and even to this day, we use the same linguistic sounds as our Hebrew ancestors did. This is not an accident. We ...
100 Proofs Thumbnail 13

100 Proofs The Israelites Were White – Part 13

In today’s world, it’s generally assumed as fact that the populations of the Middle East and North Africa have always been what they are now. In other words, that the people living in these areas have always looked like they do today. For example, ...
100 Proofs The Israelites Were White Part 12

100 Proofs The Israelites Were White – Part 12

When Yahweh made His covenant with Abraham, He promised an eternal unconditional covenant with Abraham’s descendants (the Israelites). Whilst some of God’s future promises to the children of Israel had conditions, this initial covenant had none. That ...