Did The Vikings Colonize New Zealand Before The Maori?

New Zealand was colonized by Europeans far earlier than most people realize. These colonists thrived long before any other peoples lived there. However like all Adamic civilizations once these early Europeans colonists mixed, it was a slippery slope to extinction. Of course “modern historians” claim the exact opposite, that New Zealand was inhabited by indigenous populations thrive until the “evil” Europeans come and ruined everything.

This is an audiobook a friend sent to me, I do not know who created it. It explores the evidence of early European colonists in New Zealand. But importantly also citing historical Scottish records backing up these claims. It speaks of the initial early struggles faced by the colonists due to lack of tools until trade was established with later Portuguese traders.

It goes on to explain how later the Maori people were introduced to New Zealand and the gradually colonists began to mix with them. This eventually led to the remaining Europeans being wiped out, often dieing in horrific cruel circumstances and cannibalized. 

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