Top 10 Parables of Jesus Christ

When God himself came down in the flesh as a man he revealed secrets hidden from the beginning of the world of which some were revealed in parables. This was so amongst other reasons that arrogant men would be blinded whilst those who were humble and sought out the holy spirit of Christ would have their eyes opened and the truth revealed to them.

Even today preachers, politicians, so called wise men are still completely blind to the truth and absolutely do not understand the bible. So here are the top 10 parables of Jesus Christ explained.

1) The Old and New Wine Skins

The Parable of the New and Old Wineskins

Christ said you can’t put new wine into old wine skins. When one has a true awakening where they come to the truth of Christ, there’s always going to be conflicts with old doctrines, old former believes that person has already been taught.

There are the teachings of the world and then there are the teachings of Christ. It’s one or the other it can’t be both. Most people they simply cant chose, so they instead do exactly what Christ tells them not to do they try to pour that new Gospel of Christ (the new wine) into their old believes (those old wine skins) and it bursts.

It simply doesn’t work they are not compatible. So you have to Discard all doctrines. Be it Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant and everything the world teaches, you have to get rid of it all. Start completely over and actually read the Bible for yourself whatever it teaches that is now your new wine and new wine skin.

2) The Sower

Now speaking of that new wine skin, some people they here the message, they like it, it sounds good, it resonates with them, it tiggles their ears, but they never actually go and read the bible themselves, they don’t take any time to study, to research the history to validate it all for themselves.

Then when they are challenged on their believes, or when life gets hard, they desert Christ, they flee from it and return to how they used to be.

Others they jump from teacher to teacher, from this interpretation of the bible to that interpretation following different doctrines, never knowing or being sure which one is right.

These people, they never built a firm solid foundation, a true understanding of the gospel for themselves, for them the seeds never grew, they withered away.

But some, or should I say a very small amount, they do take that time and effort to study
and their foundation becomes unshakable.

In this ages, where Satan’s deception is everywhere, if anything it’s even more important to plant your seeds in good soil or build your house on rock.

3) The Pharisee and the Tax Collector

A lot of Christians today sadly are Christians in name only, they don’t follow the law, or Christ’s commandments, they don’t go good, they don’t help their brethren, yet they are convinced because they use the name Christian that are good people.

These people will put themselves and believe themselves to be above other people in society. Because their status or wealth. So here Christ is explaining that in heaven they will be humbled and brought down low.

Whilst those in life who had little, a low status who did good and helped their brethren will be raised, they will be elevated. So we should always be Humble never presume to put ourselves above others.

4) The Rich Fool

Many people who awake to the deception of Satan going on, they understand and truly believe in Christ. Yet they are still consumed by Greed and I see this all the time.

They become obsessed in investing in the stock markets, they fall for all this buying gold, silver and precious metals and they’re always looking for ways to get rich and wealthy. Whatever they have it’s never enough.

So here Christ is explaining, what if you dropped dead right now or tomorrow, if you’re in heaven what good would those years of pursuing wealth really do you, what was it all for?

5) The Good Samaritan

This is probably Christ’s most famous parable, but there’s a lot more to that people realize. So first we have a Levite, a Priest and a Samaritan.

The Priests were Levites, yet here we see they are distinguished. By the time of Christ, Herod who was an Edomite, was King he was putting his own people in power. So anyone could now be a Levitical Priest, even the High Priest you could just buy your way into it.

Then we have the Samaritan, a lot of which were real Israelites. When the Assyrians deported the Israelites, many in the region of Ephraim, were able to flee and come back afterwards. The region got renamed to Samaria.

Later after Babylon deported the people in Jerusalem and they returned, they refused to acknowledge the people in Samaria as Israelite brothers. This shows what shambles the law had become at the time it had become completely distorted.

So how do you know who is who, who is your brother or neighbor? Christ explains that you’ll know them by their behavior, or by their fruits.

6) The Rich Man and Lazarus

Most people take this one literally, on the surface it look like there really is a burning hell where people go for eternal suffering but it is a parable and there’s a message

When God revealed the ten commandment on mount Sinai there were people who refused to keep the law of Moses let alone truly understand it.

Well Christ came back from the dead he was resurrected. If there were people who wouldn’t believe Moses, there will still be people who refuse to believe even Christ. They are permanently in darkness

7) The Ten Virgins

So the first thing that jumps out is why are they virgins? God married the Israelites that’s how he viewed the relationship, they were obligated to keep the law. when they began committing whoredom, worshiping Baal etc. it was considered adultery. The penalty was death.

So when Christ came he being God, he called himself the bridegroom because he wanted to re-marry his people. However the law forbid a man from taking back his adulterous wife. So there was a way around that. Christ had to die, this way his wife the children of Israel would be released. And upon his resurrection he can take back and marry them.

When we accept Christ we are that virgin, we’re awaiting that supper of the lamb, the marriage in heaven. But some of these don’t have oil, they are not actually doing good deeds, keeping the law, helping their brethren, so there lamp is not burning.

So when they do get to heaven they will reset it. So get out and do good for your people, get that lamp burning.

8) The Divided Kingdom

Christ explains that no Kingdom can stand when it is fighting it self. We see that Satan over the centuries has certainly learned this lesson and taken it to heart.

They have turned our own countries against each other, creating endless wars and chaos to destroy us, always remaining behind the scenes, as the invisible hand.

And in the modern era creating party systems where your either on this side or that side to keep us divided. Furthermore for those who realize what’s going on and seek the truth out, they have set up an endless amount of fake gate keepers to pretend to help but in reality to control every possible opposition angle. And this is all to keep our kingdoms divided.

The point is for us to truly unite, the only way to is under Christ, every thing else is vanity and everything else will always fail.

9) The Mustard Seed

It started off as the smallest seed in the garden which ends becoming large and great.

Adam & Eve started as just two, in a world of fallen angels, giants and all their corrupt offspring. The remnant of Noah was just 8 when civilization started a new.

The children of Jacob started out as just 12. They grew to 12 tribes, who were against amongst the world, entire kingdoms and nations and yet over the centuries their numbers grew and they become many nations themselves. We are indeed people of humble beginnings.

Now notice the last bit how the birds of heaven came to nest in the tree, those are the fallen angels and their descendants.

10) The Sheep and the Goats

This is probably the most misunderstood parable ever. Jesus explains that the sheep go to heaven and the goats go to the lake of fire. Note that there are not good sheep who go with the good goats, and bad sheep who go with the bad goats. Rather there are sheep good or bad and there goats good or bad. A sheep can not transform into a goat and likewise.

The destiny is predetermined by the origin. If you descend from Adam you are sheep. God created all Adamites to be immortal. If you’re a corruption and you descend from the Fallen Angels, then you’re a goat. You don’t have the Adamic spirit God breathed into Adam which was passed on through his descendants.

So if that’s the case what is the point in doing good or doing bad, the answer is heavenly reward. Good sheep who do good towards other sheep get rewards in heaven, whilst
bad sheep get no reward.

This was the message Christ spread, the true Gospel which got him killed. But as he showed in his resurrection, we have nothing to fear.

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