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Did Jeremiah Go To Ireland?


This is a two part podcast series I did with Sven Longshanks and Patriart, for Sven’s website Radio Albion which can be found here. Both Sven and Radioart do a weekly podcast series primarily exploring the history of Britain. The series is called Patriotic History and can be found here, I thought it was only fitting to do a show on the Irish legend of the Biblical Prophet Jeremiah coming to Ireland. We hope to do a show at some point in the future on the legend of Odin coming to Europe.

So what is this legendary Irish tale? The Biblical Prophet Jeremiah supposedly traveled to Ireland via Egypt with the daughter of Zedekiah, King of Judah from the Pharez bloodline. Upon reaching Ireland, he married the daughter to the high king of Ireland, who’s bloodline originated from the Milesians, from the Zarah bloodline. Thus continuing the Davidic line of Kings in prophecy and also merging the branches of Judah, Pharez and Zarah together.

The legend also claims that Jeremiah carried with him the Bethel Stone, the very stone Jacob the patriarch of the twelves tribes, had slept upon. The Stone is also known as the Stone of Scone and the Stone of Destiny later through out history. The stone is significant because, Biblical Kings were crowned upon the Bethel stone, followed by the high kings of Ireland, the kings of Scotland and finally all the Kings of England from Edward Longshanks’ s on onwards.

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