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100 Proofs Part 16

100 Proofs The Israelites Were White – Part 16

Wherever we Europeans have been and wherever we’ve gone, no matter how harsh the conditions, no matter how hostile the environment, no matter how severe the challenges, we’ve always been able to build great civilizations and to thrive even in the most inhospitable environments. But that should come as no surprise. Yahweh promised we would be successful. He would bless the Israelites and no matter where they went they would achieve these marvelous things — as long as they obeyed His commandments — which we the Europeans did under Christ, as the Christian people. We have faced conditions ranging from the freezing cold of Iceland, Greenland, Canada, Russia, and Siberia to the hot desert-like conditions of South Africa, Australia, and some parts of America, we have always been able to turn the freezing or scorching places into liveable homes.

Do we all Descend From Adam and Eve?

Do we all Descend From Adam and Eve?

One question that often arises from reading the Bible, is do we all descend from Adam? If so, then how is that possible? There are many different races across the world, yet Adam was clearly one race. And since Eve was created out of Adam, their descendants would be one race. So how can Adam be the father of everyone? How on earth does that make sense? Is there another possibility? Could some people have a different origin? An origin not with Adam and not even with God, but an origin with the rebellion of the Fallen Angels and their offspring the Nephilim? Well let’s have a close look through the Bible and see what it truly tells us.

Top 10 Parables of Jesus Christ

When God himself came down in the flesh as a man he revealed secrets hidden from the beginning of the world of which some were revealed in parables. This was so amongst other reasons that arrogant men would be blinded whilst those who were humble and sought out the holy spirit of Christ would have their eyes opened and the truth revealed to them.

Even today preachers, politicians, so called wise men are still completely blind to the truth and absolutely do not understand the bible. So here are the top 10 parables of Jesus Christ explained.

10 AMAZING Facts about the APOSTLES

Whilst Jesus Christ was on earth he chose 12 men to be his personal disciples. They followed him, learned from him and were trained by him. Despite being in the very presence of Christ our Lord they were but mere ordinary men whom God would later use in an extraordinary manner. After witnessing Jesus’s resurrection and ascension into heaven the Holy Spirit guided the Apostles into spreading the gospel which turned the world upside down. Here are 10 amazing facts about these apostles you probably didn’t know.