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100 Proofs The Israelites Were White


What follows is a list of 100 Proofs in short essay form that proves that the ancient Israelites were white. It is my sincerest hope and prayer that our people will come to the realization of this great truth. The truth that not only were the Israelites white but that we, the European people, are the only real and only true descendants of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and the twelve tribes of Israel. The Bible from beginning to end is about the history of our race, as are all the many prophecies. Praise Yahweh, hail Christ, all glory to Him.

This historical and religious reality is under attack from Satanic forces that have a vested interest in mongrelizing the entire white Israelite (European) race out of existence. The Israelites, our ancestors, were not black, nor brown, as they are usually depicted as today. They were just as white as any modern white European. Likewise, Jesus Christ our God who came down from Heaven as a man from the tribe of Judah was just as white as any Israelite. 

Understanding that we whites are the people of the Bible, the Chosen People, is the ultimate truth and “red pill.” There is no greater truth in this world than understanding who we are and our relationship with God, and this is why this truth is covered up more than anything else. The reality is that when we read about the Israelites in the Bible, we are essentially reading about our own ancestors.

These 100 Proofs build their arguments from Scripture, both Old and New Testaments, together with ancient and modern history, and in-depth language studies. Any real study of the Bible must contain all these elements. This material is arranged in an introductory way where each Proof builds upon those that have gone before. As such, it is designed for newcomers to Christian Identity, those who are earnestly seeking the truth, and for sharing with receptive friends and family as a potential entryway into the truth of who we are. We invite you to take a good look at the evidence we present and not take anything on faith.

It has been a tremendous effort to build this list and we praise Yahweh for allowing and helping us to do it. A special thanks to William Finck for helping me elaborate, expand, and vastly improve upon this list. Also for his websites, many podcasts, articles, and essays, and all his efforts in spreading the truth to our people. Also a special thanks to everyone else who helped me create this list. We have labored together, as we should as Israelite men and women, building the kingdom and body of Christ here on earth. Your assistance has been much appreciated. Truly, thank you.

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